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  1. Does anyone know where I can get some hydroqunine in strengths at 4% and above? I've read about the dangers of hyroquinone and all that, so i know about the potential risk. If you have a link, please PM me.
  2. Hey I have two simple questions for those who found success with Copper Peptides: 1. How much of an improvement did you see in your skin tone and texture? 2. How many times a day did you use the copper peptides? Thanks
  3. Hello, Does anyone know if it is possible to obtain some Retin A that is higher than the .1% that is currently available. I've had good results with Retin A smoothing out my skin and I wanted to upgrade to maybe an even stronger strength.
  4. Hello Everyone, I'm new to the forums and I haven't really seen this question answered. Can dermabrasion be done on African American skin? I know most doctors won't do it, but are there any that will?