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  1. In your situation, i would say wash your face after working out, especially if your breaking a pretty big sweat, but do not appy a new layer of bp until after washing your face at night? I wash my face 3 times a day on the days i work out because i do not want the sweat to dry on my face until i finally get around to washing it just before going to bed when i worked out early in the afternoon = D to not wash my face after working out just seems so gross to me and it feels that way too!
  2. I had to do that as well, and man! it is tough! Hahah not to scare you or anything, but i was pretty shy myself when i had acne and it only made it stand out even more. You can do this though! Definitely = ) takes some getting used to but if you can deal with acne and overcome it, you basically can do anything = D
  3. Hey! I'm sure you're a pretty great person and people are missing out beause you are leting acne win! Don't let it win! = D i know it's tough, but it seems like you have great things going for you with your diet and being a senior in college = ) enjoy it. Don't let acne take these great things from you. You'll find a great girl soon, i'm sure, just get out there. I know for me becoming more outgoing and friendly towards people counteracted the acne. Worth a try = ) okay, i'm done with the pep t
  4. i'm in the same boat = / just hang in there. They will go away eventually, it just takes some time for them to fade.
  5. I haven't tried Epiduo, but I am on my third month of Doxycycline and no more pimples! Yay! just some mild scarring that should go away in a couple of months = ) It'll take some time to get the full results, but it's totally worth it. Goodluck, I hope it works for you. = D
  6. Acne scars...they won't go away fast enough.

    1. Syn1122


      grr go away scars leave her alone <3

    2. LucyKiwi2222
    Smells great Sensitive on the skin Reduces redness Many ways you can use it Removes make up thoroughly! None that I can tell so far I Love this product! I use it in the am and pm and it makes my skin feel refreshed! I feel like it does a good job of getting everything that's on my skin off and cleared away. Plus, it's a really gentle exfoliator that's great for everyday use. It never dried out my skin or made it red. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone that asked.
  7. I think anyone suffering from acne can relate to this because it's the battle we face everytime we wake up or look into a mirror. I know for me, whenever I get up in the morning, I rush to the mirror, excited like a little kid on christmas morning to check and see if a miralce has happened over night and my face is perfectly clear and radiant! But, it never is and thus the low = ) Some days and better, some days are worse, and anyone with acne knows that our lives are like some kind of rollercoa
  8. LOL! This was funny! I just might try that. Thanks for making me laugh = D