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  1. Cutting out dairy and sugar is a bit of a major step. Certainly something that I agree with and would happily work towards (I believe the more vegan we eat, the healthier we are, as long as it's balanced and nutritious and all that) - but there is no escaping that it is a major step. I'm a male and I need to keep my calorie/protein intake high. The hemp powder should help with the protein side, but calories - any easy sources of them tend to be dairy or loaded with sugars.
  2. how long were you on the doxycycline for? It was a while ago - but at least a few months. I think 4-5? My body really didn't agree with it.
  3. Hmmm. I'm not too sure how keen I am on quite that level of carrot consumption - but I do love carrots. They're delicious, and I should make a conscious effort to eat more. Additionally, I found an awesome little local site that sells lots of raw supplements - and I bought 1kg of hemp protein powder. I'm excited for this, it looks really nutritious and surely can't be a bad thing to add to my diet! Plus, it's cheap! Around 70 cents per day.
  4. So I'm on my second accutane course. I did one back in 2009/2010 - and I started again 3-4 months ago. I've been having hell with this second course - massive lethargy and demotivation towards everything. Worst of all, I suspect accutane may have something to do with my degrading eyesight. My eyesight is getting worse, I'm nearsighted, and I'm starting to see an increase of "floaters" in my eyes. To the point where they actually are annoying me, mainly when looking at bright things such as out
  5. Oh the joys of accutane. Was out last night, it's so hard to be sitting around with everybody drinking and playing drinking games, and to not be able to join in on the fun! Succeeded though, not one drop of alcohol. The next few months is going to be interesting.. It's surprising that the dryness is already kicking in. And I've had pretty much constant headaches. Oh how I've missed the tane... *slight sarcasm* One tip, and I don't know if anyone else does it - is I wash my face in the showe
  6. Back to :) I've been 'round the org for about four or five years, last time I was here I released too much personal info and a friend found my account, I freaked out and wiped all my posts :P I'm very private about these sorts of things. Haha, there will be NO raining on any parades from me!
  7. Hello Kaydon, robynb, ginanutrition, veruca salt, beautiful disasters and Taylor! I've been reading this log for the past couple of days, finally had some time to re-sign-up to the org and join in! I'm also on my second round of the tane, Kaydon! My cystic acne never really came back after the first round - I've got a few, but nothing like I had before I did the 'tane! I'm only on 20mg, you don't really hear of really high dosages where I come from, most people I know who have been on it h