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  1. Hello, I am a user of BP for about 5 years, and it has done me wonders, like it has to other people. I am asian, have combination skin, and my acne started when I was 14 and is still under-going. When I don't use BP, my face starts breaking out, which makes me think that I will have to deal with life-time acne, which drives me crazy sometimes, but I learnt to deal with it. Anyways, the problem is, I purchase from Korea, and If I buy 8 oz, I can probably use only 1.5 - 2 weeks. The reaso
  2. yes!! now miracle is happenning!! my skin is so great!!!! flaking and driness are just what we should face!! haha am so glad!!!
  3. Did you take enough time between all process like cleansing-BP-moisturize.. as u know you have to let your skin absorb for close to 15mins..
  4. I didnt use anything but The Regimen!! cleanser, BP and moisturizer... and recently have bought jojoba oil too.... But everytime I apply jojoba on my skin, I feel I am putting on my skin for nothing.. because my face is covered with the snake flakes...... oil wouldn't be able to touch my skin... would it..??
  5. Thanks a lot everyone...... If this is what I should overcome and put up with to clear my skin up,.... I will do it with pleasure.... I wish all you guys the best!!!!!
  6. Is this normal??? Please answer me.. After washing my face, I see my face which looks like a snake.... This morning, I even tried to peel it off.. and I managed to do so a lil bit.. but was a bit scared coz was worried to cause further problems... It is exactly like I am wearing a colourless mask on my face.. I can't talk easily nor smile.. Because it's so dry and covered with a layer of my dead skin which I can see and peel.. My skin is covered with something like a dead skin...
  7. I am real going crazy ..... How terribly dry and burning my face is???? It is unimaginable.. I could hardly smile literally.. really... I have real oily and dry skin at the same time.. Dan's moisturizer wasn't rich enough for me.. so I used Loreal's future C something.. this is better than that.. but still feeling a lil bit of driness and burning!!! my face is like.. literaly burning.. and face is so red.. And the area around nose is peeling .. lots of flakes.. what the hell is going on wit
  8. This is my 4th day,.. It got so dry i can hardly smile.... I dont have jojoba oil,.. I don;t know when I can get rid of the driness... But the thing is I feel so dry in my skin but it doesn't look so,.. It is literally so insane based on my experience,.. Because I have oily and freaking dry skin, I always have lots of flakes on my skin whenever my skin needs to be moisturized,.. However, the surface of my skin has got soooo much better.. I have never had my skin like that.. it has never look thi
  9. I will keep on watching your face's reaction to the Regimen and hope it gets better!!!! So plz keep uploading your statement! Today, I started using them and I felt a bit dry since I have a real bad combination skin.. too dry and oily.. But my skin is less oily and not that dry as I expected..
  10. and it soooooo slow!!!!! I haven't received yet for abt 2 weeks. Jesus!!!
  11. I placed an order close to 2 weeks ago and I have been so awaiting them to arrive.. almost dying. Anyway, I am wondering how to remove my make-up with cleanser. Do you guys only use Regimen cleanser or use another one before using it so that ur face can be clearned up right. not having used the cleanser at all, I dont know how well it works with removing makeup.. Please leave me a msg ~~