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  1. Glad your finding some sucess with that brand. i myself tried the moisturizer and i did like it. Didn't seem to clog at all and was very light. Which Simple products are you currently using?
  2. yes please keep us updated! cool you have no new zits too ;p
  3. The real secret to clear skin? Patience.

  4. Is there an article I can read that you can show me then? Do you remember what products your father used? Did a derm give you a specific product to use and if so is it working for you? It's not proof, just a load of anecdotal evidence. Scar tissue resides in the dermis, AHAs don't penetrate into the dermis, let alone break down scar tissue or restore lost tissue from tissue atrophy. Have you heard of 'the burden of proof'? Hint: It's on you here, noone else. Yay another sceptic! Look we can a
  5. You still have no evidence! There's nothing wrong with being educated, its what i've been trying to tell you to do in the first place. Think about it though, isn't it the people with knowledge and experience that most people trust? Why do you think so many people go to dermatologists?! The point is not to put all your trust in them. Think for yourself. Learn about things for yourself. Don't take the library and internet for granted, its useful for more than just porn nowadays. I MYSELF have been
  6. I see where you're coming from now. You rely on the college educated to determine what decisions you make in life. There's already numerous posts on this site alone defaming the many things derms tell their patients. I've been fighting acne for over 10 years and have been to countless dermatologists and guess what they all do? Prescribe Prescribe Prescibe! It's not until I took my health and my skin into my own hands and sat down to educate myself that I found solutions that have stood the test
  7. Regardless of your argument you fail to provide proof of what you're saying when i provided over 10 links to support my argument. Once you show me your "proof" then maybe I can take you more seriously.
  8. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9vkCR2ZWAe4&feature=related [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LlvlRxX6G0A http://www.ehow.com/...emon-juice.html http://www.dailyglow...-scars-for-remo http://www.tipking.co.uk/tip/6489.html http://www.homeacneremedies.us/ http://www.buzzle.co...acne-scars.html http://skincare.love...ighten_Freckles Oh yea..here's some more PROOF! I know what i'm talking about and don't make recommendations to ANYONE without trying a product myself first or researc
  9. This isn't going to do jack. If you honestly think this kind of treatment did anything at all, you didn't really have acne scars to begin with. And for the love of God, don't put SUGAR on your face. All sugar does is exacerbate skin conditions, including acne and rashes. Sugar can be used as a natural exfoliant, like how the salt in beach water NATURALLY exfoliates your skin. Honestly, do some research into why lemon and sugar have benefits for your skin. It's called Glycolic Acid which is an A
  10. 100% aggree..conspiracy! It's all a money making scheme. Businesses grow when the demand gets higher. Even if they did find a permanent solution they would never tell us. Basically the economy depends on acne. Fix that and all these corporations are out of money and jobs. (derms, cosmetologists, nutritionists) I've since stopped using chemicals and am going the natural way. The only person i trust now is my mom..Mother Nature
  11. I understand how you feel too. I'm 22 and still have acne. In fact most of the ppl i've met here are in their 20s if not older and i'm sure they wish during their teen years they were acne free too. So try putting it in a different perspective. To us, you're still young and have plenty of time to discover the best way to handle your acne. I only wish I knew this much about my skin then which i've come to know now! It helps for me to remember there are ppl around our age with cancer or kids who h
  12. I saw raw sugar is good for scars and stretch marks. I am going to order raw sugars and combine that with lemon juice and shea butter if it is vegan. Going to do research about it. For now, I use aloe vera (fresh), wonder if I can combine that too? Would love to see before and after pictures : And I agreed! I do rather stop using BP and breakout then using BP and be clear. I don't wanna use BP for the rest of my life. I rather let it all out. BP kept me completely clear, but I saw lots of tiny
  13. I understand what you mean. I think it really stems from the fact that people will harass someone to make themselves feel better, to boost their own ego. They will pick out something they can hold over you. So yes, that's why they'll call someone with acne pizza or crater face, or someone who is overweight or too short by their standards or whatever or just try to push you to the edge in some other way. When people treat you as their equal its because they respect you and realize that they too t
  14. I had a bad experience with a derm too before. He looked at my face for a minute or two, made me feel like a specimen, didn't connect with me at all or even try to find out what my habits were or daily activities, family history -nothing. Then proscribed something for me and sent me on my way. What helps is to educate yourself before going to a derm and then depending on what they ask you, what the tell you, their overall demeanor, you'll be able to tell if you should keep going to that particul
  15. Emu oil definitely did wonders for moisturization. As regards actually helping my acne i'm not too sure.. I have overactive oil production and i think the emu oil made it worse. I probly didnt really give it much time to "work" but didn't wanna take a chance in case it broke me out. I heard that people opting to do the oil cleansing method have success with it but that is not my aim. Instead i only use the emu oil for my hair/eyebrows/eyelashes. Hope this helped!