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  1. Hi, thank you for sharing your feelings and pic! I'm on my second course of Accutane, being honest I didn't get an initial breakout. The accutane for me more for the oily skin, I'm not saying I didn't have spots/acne because I did. Give it and yourself time, let it work. Speak to your Derm and express how you feel and how your skin has changed. Ask questions, make a list and start with in your Derm's experience, with skin like yours, how long does accutane take to start reducing new a
  2. Hi, I'm on my second course of Accutane. Started on 15 July 2015, my first course ended in July 2013. I'm four months in and don't know when my course will end. I'll be seeing my Derm on the 4 Dec, I'll ask her. I went back to my GP as soon after finishing my first course the oil came back and then so did the spots. I was told to wait a year, if my spots came back. I was given retain a gel, which didn't really do anything. But I gave it time to work. I asked for a referral to the Derm, whic
  3. pr1nc355

    A must try!

    A must try!

    Amazing product, so far! A little about me, I've had acne, pimples and spots since puberty and very oily skin. I've been on many types of medicated face washes, creams, antibiotics, and even Roaccutane. I have also tried many many natural remedies with no success only Roaccutane worked for a little while. Which I found amazing, it got rid of my oily skin, which it turn got rid of the spots. Unfortunately when I finished the course the oil came back and then so did the spots. :-(.  
  4. I'm thinking of trying the beta carotene, what dose should I start with? Thank you. X Yes, B5 and A will reduce oily skin. But usually the dosage of either needed to do this is dangerously high and comes with a risk of hair loss, kidney and liver damage, and adrenal system fatigue. Be careful. Change the vitamin A to beta carotene and increase ur zinc intake if possible from natural sources.
  5. I suffer from very oily skin, my face gets oily 30mins after washing! The only thing that has worked for me is Accutane. I can't be on it for the rest of my life. Hence I'm on this topic, I wish everyone luck in finding a solution for oily skin. X
  6. Just a little update... I can see that my new routine is helping, I'm getting less new spots/pimples. I have made a slight change in routine as I'm getting a slightht tingling/burning sensation on my face but I still use the aspirin and witch hazel toner twice a day but I now only use the epiduo every other night to see if it will help. I have only missed one night, so I can't feel a difference yet. I still have very oily skin, I'm blotting and using powder to control it as best I can. I'm
  7. Where to start?... I have just come off Accutane in March and now I am back to square 1, I have spots again. I have since tried Vitamin D3 at 3200iu a day for 4 months, Zinc 45mg a day for over a year, Vitamin C 1000mg a day for over a year. I am now trying witch hazel with 600mg dispersible aspirin as a toner am and pm. I got the idea from acne.org, this website has been so helpful to me with such a wealth of information, the best thing is that the information comes direct from pe
  8. Hey Oilygirl1980, Thanks for the reply, thats really good information. I haven't got any lemon eo yet but I will. I know what you mean by chriatmas on your face, I felt like that when on Roaccutane lol. When I said lemon eo and co, I meant company as in the peppermint eo. I was being lazy lol. I've been playing around with adding a drop of tea tree oil into my face wash as I apply, to see if it helps so far it hasn't. I've been doing this for a couple of weeks, I was thinking that if ut
  9. After reading this, I'm really interested in what you did with the lemon oil and co. Can you explain how you used these to lessen the oil? Thank you
  10. Not seen a benefit, it may work for you

    I've had all types of spots and very oily skin since I was 12, I have also tried many over the counter and prescription treatments nothing worked as well as Roaccutane. I just want something to work hence the trying of new things. But I guess we are all different and react in different ways. So far my skin has not been very cooperative. lol. I take 1 tablet of 15mg zinc twice a day. I've always had strong nails and long shiney thick hair, so I can't really see a differnce. I've been t
  11. It worked, wish the treatment lasted longer!

    oily skin dried up, pores got smaller, blackheads went spots, cysts went got my self esteem back dry lips, itchy scalp, some joint pain I've always had spots and oily skin, since I was 12 years old. I was put on many oral and topical prescriptions and nothing worked. I live in the UK so got the treatment on NHS, I paid £7.65 for each prescription for which I got 2 months supply of Roaccutane. I took 20mg twice a day for six months, from september 2012 to march 2013. I had to be reff
  12. Hi londoncat8, thanks for the recommendation. I'm more concerned about the oil rather than the spots as I can control them. How did you find the accutane treatment?
  13. Hey Gill, I totally know what you mean about blotting. I've spent a lot of money on them. I found that evelope paper works better, lol, I found this out when I ran out of blotting paper and I just grabbed whatever was close to hand. Evelopes are amazing at soaking up all that oil. I'll have to look into the androgens and other hormones, the only reason I'm on the Marina coil is that I had the copper one first and my Dr wanted me to try the Marina, I had my doubts but it doesn't seem to
  14. Hey Gill, Thanks for the advice. I'm on the Marina coil, it releases hormones at a lower level. I suffer from migraine's and I found that taking the pill made it worse. So the low hormone level coil is working for me. I know what you mean about finding the thing that works just for you. So many things work for other people and I get frustrated when it doesn't work on me but I guess thats life and we are all different. I hate the oily skin, I've had it since purberty. It's such a pain
  15. I am now finished with Roaccutane, I had my last capsules on March 17th 2013. I was on 40mg a day, 20 mg in the morning and 20mg at night. My treatment lasted for six months. I was trying to be as realistic as I could be, I knew that popping a pill for a few months would not change my skin type, which is very oily in the long term. I loved not worrying about the oil on my face and the touching and spreading the spots. I'm quite disappointed as within three weeks of finishing the treatment I