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  1. I looked up Vitamin A skin care solution, It brought up alot of products that contain vitamin A, Should i get something with vitamin A in it.
  2. I'm using clindamycin phosphate and benzoyl peroxide gel its a prescription it helped with some of my acne but not all iv been using it for a few months now I'm gonna have to get something else cause its losing its effect but besides that I'm between cleansers and scrubs I'm always trying new stuff. i got neutrogena clear pore cleanser mask i use it sometimes not everyday and clean and clear invigorating morning cleanser but nothing is even touching these white things on the one side of my face
  3. I was wondering if anyone noticed if there acne scars look way worse in sunlight , I never really noticed mine was so bad until a few days ago when i was looking in a mirror in the sunlight why is this ?? when I'm looking in the mirror in my house with regular lighting my scars don't look so bad but outside in the light they look horrible. I got some ice pick scars on my cheeks and they are pretty bumpy does anyone know some good ways to smooth them out cause i think it would look a little bette