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  1. hello, I have cured my acne and believe I could cure anybody else's. if you would like to ask me how message me. don't wanna write it out unless someone wants to hear it. in my opinion everyones approach is different, but similar. I can give you the path to take and with your own common sense figure out how to stay on track. clear skin with an acne condition is a life long commitment, but manageable. just need the right knowledge. I signed up on this website looking for an answer, but I figured it out on my own. got an email for this post so decided to write this message. I hope if someone reads this they can message me so I can get back to them. good luck in your journey. it's all about balance
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    Raw Sauerkraut

    sauerkraut can and will definitely make you break out. probiotic supplements will not, at least the dairy free ones. the reason sauerkraut causes breakouts is because of the high histamine levels. all aged and fermented foods contain high amounts of histamine which will aggravate acne and migraines. if you have a permeable gut, or leaky gut, the histamine will get in to your blood stream and cause the reaction. if you successfully heal your gut so nothing can get thru you will then be able to tolerate fermented foods with out any problems. i say to just completely eliminate fermented foods from your diet for good and just get your probiotics from supplements. check out this article and stay away from fermented foods!!! />http://bodyecology.com/articles/acne-and-digestive-problems