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  1. Well, i guess it depends, I guess most actor and actress they are originally have good skin (that's why they could become actor & actress- no one probably wanna hire them if their face are full of acnes when they come to casting ~ ) and probably they do not have sensitive skin like us, so its harder for them to get acnes, moreover, they spend loads of money on their skincare routine e.g. spa treatment, laser + using expensive make up, they also lucky enuf to have the specialist look after th
  2. Just some update about my skin guys, so after i quit the acne.org regimen I have decided to spent big money on the korean skin care products and i must say its totally worth it ! Ever since I start using it, my skin has been improving a lot ! (I've been using it for about 2 months I guess?) althou i'm not totally clear, and all the red marks are still visible, I only have 2 actives on my face (for 2 months!) and that 2 actives caused by the acne.org bp !!! Yeah that m*th*r F**k**rs are still h
  3. Thanks Robert, In fact, that the started of the regimen i wasn't so desperate for clear skin, i know things take time to get better, but you should have seen my face before and after the regimen and probably you will know why i quit. its been 32 days not even a single day i felt my skin was improving, not improve is okay, but I can't take the fact that its going worst and beyond control. Moreover, i don't feel comfortable using bp for a long term so i think the best decision is to quit. And i
  4. I know exactly what bumps you are talking about, i had them (in fact i still have them now) after i started the regimen, they are pretty big but not visible, they came up almost like everyday during the regimen, i never had that type of acne before and so i thou they would go away as time goes by but they didn't. ! However quit finally, and my face is slowly getting back to normal now, the bumps are much smaller now. Good luck to you.
  5. Hey, I just quit the regimen 2 days ago too, it feels great, I dont have to spent all day thinking about how bad my acnes become since started bp. During the regimen, i felt so frustrated, my acnes got way out of control and now its getting back to normal. I agree with you, I'm glad i quit cause i don't want to use bp forever! my skin is too sensitive for it.my new regimen is the korean product called 'rojukiss' I was got clear by using it so i'm back for it ! Good luck to you
  6. Thanks for your kind advise, I'm happy it works for you, but i don't think i will go back to bp, its not just that it didn't stop breaking me out, but the type of acnes i got after the regimen tend to be more aggressive, its so deep, i have never got the type of acne that left me with deep scar, its only been a month and my face looks very bad, I'm afraid once i got clear i have to deal with the scar. And to be honest, this stuff bleached my clothes, every times i look at my clothes i felt so wr
  7. I quit today as well, the bp worsen my acnes ! And to be honest, i have read some review on ppl who once cleared by bp, that if they quit bp after they been using for a while then their acnes came back much worst than before.
  8. Sorry to disappoint guys, but I can't really wait for another 2 weeks to see the progress, I looked at myself in the mirror just now and I have never seen myself this ugly in my life, My acne is the worst it has ever been. at the start of the regimen i had like 8-9 red marked on my face, just now i counted. its over 20 +, not to mentioned that i have 7-8 actives on my face, Every time it comes up like a double or triple (also the type of acne is more aggressive than the one i used to have, its v
  9. Day 32 The monsters around my jawline got bigger today, so i popped them -_-;. Today i spent an hour reading some old logs from this website, and i found that my progress is pretty much similar to those members whose DKR regimen (eventually) didn't workout on them. I'm starting to concern that may be its really not going to work on me. SInce i started the regimen, I haven't been better yet, my progress is more like 5 days going backward, and 2 days didn't go anywhere..seriously I don't see any
  10. I understand how frustrated it is ! Im a month on the regimen and i'm feeling very ugly right now
  11. Day 31 Bad day = ( New pimples Around my jaw line ! 31 days already , am i still purging ? =_=; Unlikely .. sigh..
  12. You sound pretty much like me when i first had my acne, I used to have flawless skin but all the sudden i woke up with heaps of small bumps on my face, i was panic and tried heaps of stuff and guess what, it got worst, i don't knw if its the best way bt i always wonder if i have not try anything at all, may be my face is not this bad. I suggest you leave them alone, don't make up, drink lots of water wash your face with clean water, may be they will be gone.
  13. DAy 30 Today i applied 1 finger bp, and i couldn't handle the thickness and couldn't wait for it to get dry cause i was late for my class so washed my face i didn't put anything on my face til now T_T; One good thing is, my bf said my skin looks much better today, but i didn't really feel that ...I think my skin might look better than it actually is, there are heaps of invisible spots under my skin. SO ! today is about one month since I started, i didn't see much improvement at all, in fact, i
  14. Day 29 My face is like a roller-coaster going up and down, and today is the down side =( "New acne on my right cheek.." = ( hope its gonna get better soon Oh i got a final test tmr ! gonna study now !
  15. Wow you look great ! bt wait a min ! your acne wasn't bad at all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u just had mild acnes hun
  16. Hey abduffin !! Thanks for stopping by, wow i never know that someone's following my log its feels great knowing that thou hehe 8 months ??? WOW! you have come a lonnnnngggg way ! I'm so envy you, I hope one day soon i will wake up with a clear face too ^___^ , btw When exactly did you start to get less acne and see the improvement? I agree with you that everyone has such different skin type and what works for me might not works for others =P haha don't worry i won't quit ! I would be di
  17. Day 27 I love love love my new moisturiser ! Gosh ! I should have changed it a month ago ! my face is super super soft right now, no more dryness ! Please guys, if you are having problem with dryness, peeling skin, go and get the cetaphil daily advance for dry to very dry skin! It works wonder! Since my face isn't too dry my acnes gets better too ! I'm gonna use dan's one for my body (or foot care (;T_T;) sorry Dan, i can't take the dryness any more I;ve been looking like a piece of shi
  18. Day 26 I'm sooo stupid that i hv been using dan's moisturiser for a month ! With my new moisturiser "Cetaphil Daily Advance hydrating Lotion - for dry to very dry skin) my skin is not at all dry today i have only been using it twice since i bought it and all my flaky dead skin are gone ! I only applied with pea amount ! (unlike dan's which i have to put 2 -3 bumps! ) Also I applied my foundation today, and i looked flawless !! I love it ! I should have listened to my bf when he told me t
  19. Day 25 My skin hasn't been improved for the last two days so i had no motivation to update the log In fact, my skin hasn't been improved at all since day 6, all the acnes I had since day 6.. are still remain on my face they are a bit smaller, but they are still there. Everyday i woke up with new acnes on my face, i don't know if they are cyst or nodule, they are painful, but they are not visible on the surface, they are more like a hard bump underneath my skin... I haven't had much of thi
  20. Day 22 Nothing better =( + new one is forming underneath my skin... sigh, isn't it supposed to be better already? how long did it takes you guys to see better result? So far i'm still not happy with my result.. althou i don't feel hurt or burn when applying bp anymore.. also the dryness seems to be better... but my acnes are soo bad right now, everyday i woke up with the new one, some of them come and gone away quite fast but some are not really diff from b4 the regimen..Is this normal ???
  21. Day 21 Wow I can't believe I'm only ten days away from one month mark = D at the same time, i can't believe it only been 21 day ?? i feel like its been a year already since the regimen lol.. I guess i have been so suffered from it that's why i feel one day is like month long. My skin today? Well, still Fked up as usual HAHAHA !! I kinda lost focus about my skin a bit, right now, the most important things for me is my final exams / tests and assignments ! I don't want the condition of my face
  22. Thanks a lot guys ! Eunhye, I know on the first week It felt so good ! all the ones i had before the regimen got so much better during my first week, but all the sudden my face just broke out like hell haha. Yeah its been almost a month and my face looks so much worst than before the regimen, however, these couple days I have been reading other's log, and I found that most ppl with success stories tend to have pretty rough experiences thru out their first 2 months so i'm gonna keep my faith on
  23. Day 20 Everything is the same as yesterday, the acnes are not smaller + still really painful, my face still really dry.
  24. Just now I was laying on my bed and suddenly my bf looked at my face and he told me that I have a winkles !!!!!!!!! OMG @[email protected] its only been 3 weeks and it already ruined my face!!! I should not have started this regimen ! I'm pretty sure my face way not that bad 2 weeks ago, it was totally fine, I never felt this ugly before in my life ! The acnes on my left cheek are hurting me like crazy, I never have this type of acnes before, I never felt this pain ! I wanna quit now !!! I probably will quit
  25. Hey beender 20 So you are not on the regimen now ? Did you finally clear up? Yeah 2 bumps is pretty insane, if i used 2 bumps i probably have to order new one every 3 weeks = (