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  1. Ok so I found out I have perioral dermatitis so I am going SLS free, I already got squiggle toothpaste but my face wash which is Olay Acne Control Face Wash says it has Sodium Tricedeth Sulfate in it, I know it isn't fully SLS but I bet it's still not good for me to use since it is related. Should I stop using the face wash or get an SLS free face wash? And if I should get a new face wash does anyone know of a good one that is relatively cheap? Thanks
  2. Ok so I've decided a major part of my acne is products with SLS because I figured out my facial acne is from toothpaste with SLS in it so I got Squigle and haven't been using it for more than a day so obviously no results yet but I have really high hopes for it. So I was thinking what else has SLS in it that could be causing my back and chest acne? And it turns out my shampoo, soap, and face wash all has it. The face wash is Olay acne control facial wash and has sodium trideceth sulfate in it so
  3. Idk about that though because it's only gotten better since I started using face wash.
  4. Ok thanks for the help everyone I decided to order Squigle toothpaste yesterday and got free 2 days shipping. I'll update it about a week after starting to use squigle, I should get it tomorrow. I really hope that the toothpaste is the problem and this is what I need for clear skin!
  5. I'm 15 going to be 16 next month but I've had it there ever since I was about 14.
  6. Ok so my face is basically all clear except for a few bumps and really tiny pimples here and there. Except for around my mouth I have moderate acne around it. It's from my mustache area all the way around to my chin. Every morning and night I wash my face with Olay acne control face wash and exfoliate twice a week. I started being really careful to not touch my face and am careful when eating greasy food. I also started to drink a lot of water and my diet is also fairly good with not much fatty,