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  1. i use jojoba oil every day it makes your skiing baby soft
  2. if you're only a week and a half in, you SHOULD only be using a small amount. Meaning your skin hasn't reached its full potential. in 3-4 weeks, use the FULL amount of BP which is 2 pumps or a fingers length, and in a week, your skin should be clearing up! if your skin is naturally oily, use two pumps of moisturizer at night, and one in the day. and use blotting sheets during the day!
  3. was it because you didn't let it balance for 3 months, or you kept getting cystic acne 4+ months after trisprintec? and thanks ill look into that if something happens!!!
  4. So, my skin is finally almost to a smooth surface!! So excited. The regimen is for sure working, and Dan's what to expect panel really hit it on the nail. Once you get to the full amount of BP, this is when your skin really clears up. ( This DOES NOT mean you should use two full pumps a week into the regimen just because you want immediate results- you will get very flakey, and the irritation will cause more acne.. so go slow!) It took me 3-4 weeks to get to the full amount, and i am
  5. No problem! Also, once your face clears back up, i'd invest in a clarisonic for scarring, or do some research about turmeric masks and such for the scars. But the best and most natural "cure" for scars is time .Good luck!
  6. most likely just a little initial break out. You cannot become immune to BP, it's the only thing out there that the pore cannot fight against. So i'd keep with it, once again!
  7. I just got cliniques BB cream, and it is awesome! I would try that OR an oil-free tinted moisturizer ( Laura Merciers). then you can spot conceal anything else!
  8. This is great feedback, thanks Dan! I start my second pack tomorrow and i am now using the full BP dosage. Fingers crossed that it keeps most of the blemishes at bay. Thanks xx
  9. do you wear makeup? if so, sounds like cosmetic acne maybe? very small bumps that look invisible in pictures but in the sun they show.
  10. Will the regimen help the acne birth control causes the first 2-3 months? like, the jawline stuff. i started the regimen soon after i started tri-sripntec and i was wondering if the regimen will help keep a clear face even though this stuff makes my face breakout like crazy. I am on my placbo's and my breakouts are drying away because of the regimen BUT when i start taking the pills again will it just break through anyway? It will be my 2nd month of birth control 2nd week of the regime
  11. Take jojoba oil before you cleanse your face, and put 10 drops of the oil in your hands. Pat on face, then rub gently, but firmly on face, and the flakes will come off. DO NOT USE A SCRUB. Then rinse and cleanse, then apply BP like you'd normally do. You still need to moisturize after BP and even add jojoba oil to the moisturizer.
  12. Hey, so I just started using the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer, which is oil-free. It's expensive but I decided to treat myself - and I love it! I'll have to wait until I finish the tube to decide whether it's worth re-purchasing, as it's such a steep price. But if money is no object, I would recommend it! Okay, i trust you i think i'll pick it up tomorrow! I love Laura's primer so this sounds promising. Do you put reg. moisturizer on THEN that? I have dry/normal skin. Thanks! xx
  13. what tinted moisturizer do you like? I think it would work great for me, although i have acne-prone and sensitive skin. I have random redness all over my face, and i hate putting foundation on all over, when i could easily even it out and then spot conceal the acne or something. Let me know, thanks!
  14. it will help if you take it after you eat a good meal!
  15. Nice! So is Tri Sprintec, but is the regimen working for you as well?