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  1. I still have problems with scalp acne and nothing really seems to work. My face acne is under control more or less ( MaMa lotion + Brevoxyl). I've tried several different brands of shampoos (most of them to counter the dandruff I still have after being on accutane several years ago). I've tried to wash my hair everyday, and only once per week but the results are pretty much the same. I keep my hair very short and I try each brand for at least a month. I've also tried B5 but it doesn't work I a
  2. Yeah I've used Bp. Bp = Red marks. Salicylic acid is better in my opinion. But as I've said I really don't have much acne now, fading redmarks are my main priority now, that's why I use mandelic acid.
  3. I don't have that serious acne anymore, my mandelic serum regiment is working fine right now. Finding a good derm can be extremly hard if you live in a small city, and you could end up wasting more money on useless prescription cures like Dalacin or Tetracyklin.
  4. Oh and for the weight loss I think you're better of trying CLA or Pyruvate.
  5. Try switching the brand. When I was on the B5 regiment I noticed a difference depending on the brand. Also some people, myself included have gotten kidney pains from to much B5. Even if it's water soluable, your organs still have to work with the stuff.
  6. Okay I used 10 pills, twice daily the first month, and 12 pills the second month. I'm quite convinced that for me atleast XIAN didn't do anything at all.
  7. InfiniteQuestions keep us update to how your encounter with the girl went!
  8. Since I was at a party there were of course some beers and drinks involved and that always helps break the barrier My confidence is always high when drinking so the approaching part were a piece of cake. I'm a bit more shy in my "natural" state but my approach would be somewhat the same. If you want to ask the girl out I would go to her with my chin up, back straight, smile, introduce yourself if you don't already know her and just pop the question.
  9. I've been working out for a while and can't really say that it has effected my skin in any way. Of course there's a lot of other nice benefits from working out. Some people claim that you're acne can get worse from squat & deadlift because these two exercises naturally increase testosterone in your body, but I haven't seen a difference.
  10. You do that infiniteQuestions Even if you get rejected, at least you can say you gave it a try. In my opinion it's better to be direct and get an answer, than constantly going around wondering what could/would/should have happened if you approached here.
  11. Hehe lol at the acne sufferer comment Unfortunately she doesn't live the same place I do, so we have just sendt some sms's (spelling?) to each other.
  12. I had a costume with a mask and everything, but those things get really hot after just a little while so most people who doesn't have their faces painted take them of regularly.