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  1. So i'm finishing my first month on accutane, amnesteem 40mg, and my face is doing pretty good but i still have redness i'm thinking its because of the spf i'm using right now i'm using neutrogena healthy defense moisturizer spf 30 should i go higher to 50? or try something new, what are some spf moisturizers that work for you guys?
  2. so i just took my pill and i didn't where else to talk about this, am i the only one that struggles getting the pills out the stupid back? i seriously crushed one of the pills trying to push it out lol
  3. def. know how you feel about the lips i had forgot about it and ate some hot wings i pretty much wanted to chop my lips off it burned so bad lol
  4. haha our first weeks are almost identical i was pretty oily my first week too but my dryness didn't start until the beginning of this week (2nd week), my lips are really dry, so far no break out though hope it continues!
  5. i wouldn't take the risk, im also on accutane and this was something i thought about too but then i thought i'll take not drinking for a few months if i can have clear skin.
  6. actually no if anything my face is more oily but i havn't broke out or anything.
  7. its not going to stay like that forever but you should have never used it in the first place thats a strong medication, its not suppose to be used on non infected skin. You might have to get on antibiotics to take down the inflammation.
  8. good luck gina and everybody else!! i just started accutane(amnesteem 40mg)this past monday everything seems to be going well! after going through that dermatologist gauntlet with the creams and the antibiotics i thought enough was enough and now im here. Right now my regiment is cetaphil gentle cleanser in the morning and night and nutrogina spf 30 in the AM and cerave moisturizing lotion at night really hope this works!
  9. just started accutane(amnesteem) here we go!