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  1. Hey I have followed your log, since you finished your accutane, have you had any breakouts? or concerns?
  2. Hi, I have been reading your posts and I am going to the derm on Monday to try and get accutane and I was wondering what the cumulative dose was? I really want to be informed so when I go I can talk to her about this. PLease and thankyou! also any helpful information! Jessica
  3. So what exactly is your a.m. and p.m. regimen? I am going to try this but I need to know what I need to use. Please and Thank you!
  4. what is the site? and what girl? I really want to read this.
  5. That is so awesome! Everything happens for a reason and it sounds like it is your time to start this and get clear! Good luck to you and can't wait to see you clear and posting your success story! congrats! Jess
  6. Day 113, So I am feeling soooo much better since I stopped picking and just let my face heal. I had like a ton of new bumps but I have left them alone and they are starting to heal, I think it is safe to say I will be ready to go back to college in a week. Update on the face- forehead ( 2 healing scabs, very light), nose is perfect, chin has 2 healing spots (just light red marks now and will fade within a couple days), right cheek (about 5 fading red marks/scabs, 2 healing nasty bumps), left ch
  7. Hey no problem, and nobody judges on this site (or at least I hope they don't) we are all here for eachother and we have to fight this terrible thing together... Acne is such a horrible thing and having people there for you makes it alot easier. The regimen does work, you just have to follow it exactly as the instructions say and you have to be patient. We can beat this disease! good luck!!!! feel free to message me or anything! Jess
  8. Day 111, So I am super upset today, all that picking that I did in the past week is really getting it's revenge on me. I woke up with 8 or 9 new pimples and some of them are like cystic. I am sooooooooooo mad at myself and I just feel like I really messed up this time. I have a week till college and I just don't know how to make this any better. Def want to crawl under a rock until it clears up. I guess all I can do is stick with the regimen, keep my fingers off my face and pray pray pray! Enco
  9. I totally understand how you feel, I do the same thing that you do.. I have been on it for like 110 days and as soon as I get clear and my face looks amazing, I completely ruin it! If you need encouragement or just need to feel like someone understands you, you can read my posts! goodluck to us acne pickers and poppers!
  10. @nycqueen, thank you for the support I do have a question though, if I do wear makeup, what do I do to get it all off so that the treatment can soak into my skin? I noticed when I wear foundation (covergirl clean for sensitive skin) (and I don't wear alot), when I go to wash it off, I always have to scrub my skin with my fingers because it just feels like there is a layer of dead skin.. it is soooo weird.. can you relate or give me advice? much appreciated! @saulg721, I will def post pictures
  11. Day 104, Sorry it has been so long since I have posted on here! My face got better and better, we went on our trip to Escanaba and I didn't wear makeup the whole time, when we got back my face was looking amazing and of course I had to pick and pop and my face took two steps back. Then my face cleared up again to the point where I only had a few red marks on my cheeks (my forehead, nose and chin were perfect) and I took that for granted and I picked up my self destructive behavior again and thi
  12. It is really ironic that I got on here to rant and I seen your post on here and decided to read it and I realized that I am not the only one that gets depressed and hurts over acne. My face was looking really really good and I had come a long way and I left for vacation about 2 weeks ago and I just got home. Over the vacation I could not pick or pop anything on my face and my face was looking more and more perfect. Well I got home yesterday and looked in the mirror and basically seen all this st
  13. Mine is going good.. and I am glad that yours slowed down! lol My skin just gets better and better but then I pick at it and it is a process to get it back to where it was... I was still having purging (that is what it felt like) up until a week or two ago so that was a challenge. Keep up the good work!
  14. No problem, when I see somebody that I can relate to, I feel like we should encourage eachother to make it to our goal of clear skin.. lol When I took that first picture I felt so disgusting and I just wanted to crawl under a rock and stay there forever. And don't feel bad.. Yesterday things were starting to dry up and then I looked in the mirror and there were two more red bumps popping up and I was like "What!" lol and that happened in the matter of hours... Especially cause I am on week 7, bu