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  1. Thanks everyone:) Im going to go check those links out,.. So far it is looking clearer, im only using grapeseed oil.. Ive read in the reveiw section here a lot of horror stories of it going great the first few weeks, yhen they get the worst acne ever!! Thanks again guys:)
  2. Ok thanks! I tried it last night with grapeseed oil.. I massaged the grapeseed oil for lk a min and then applied the steamy towel lk 5 times to loosen pores.. Also do you apply fresh new oil at the end? It works well for non-hormonal pore blockages and relieving skin irritation. What oils did you use and did your face remain red for a while after? Mine did.. But it looked better the next day
  3. Hey everybody, Has anyone had good success with this?
  4. I tried it with grapessed oil and the actual aloe vera plant.. Too soon to see results yet.. Has anyone had success with this? Thanks
  5. Hey everyone, Has anyone tried this with an actual aloe vera plant,? Its all i have on hand
  6. Great to hear im not alone trying this caveman method! Im on day 3.... My face is very dry and flaky!! I was actually kind of tempted today to wash and exolifate, but i resisted so far! Idk if the flakiness is normal at this stage? Any tips wld be greatly appreciated!! Thanks fir addressing this subject😃
  7. Hi everyone, Has anyone had success with the caveman method? About how long before results?
  8. Ok thanks for the tip! But i just came across a blog today stating it contains sodiun lauryl sulfate.. So researched it andsaw that it is very harmful to ur skin!! So now im a little scared of this... Have u heard of this before?
  9. While doing the keifer, were u using any special kind of face wash? Which do u recommend? I have combination skin type... Im thinking of doing the caveman regimen which is not washing ur face fir 30 days! Have u ever trued this and do u have any advice about it? Thanks
  10. Pinklady89

    Plz Help

    Hi everyone, Im so lost on this site... Im not sure where i can post my questions to get replies? Any help would be greatly apreciated! im a newbie on here
  11. Pinklady89

    No H20!

    Hello everyone, Has anyone heard of the caveman regimen which includes not washing ur face for 30 day and not putting anything on it? Ive read about it on here and am thinking of trying it! I have light to moderate acne and roseasia! I would love any tips and advice! Thanks
  12. Wow...amazing!!!! You are giving me the courage to try this! I too have been dx w roseasia and have tried everything!! So im really hoping this works!! Any tips? And how long before your face was clear?
  13. I found this very true! It is very much the same way for my acne!!! Most ppl will not say anything about it, unless I bring it up.. And then they notice or say it really isnt that bad!! But oh how it hunts me!! I just want to be fre of it!!!
  14. Thanks for the tip!! I will definitly check it iut!! btw gave u ever tried drinking almond milk? Just wondering if anyone had success w it? because i got some today! Oops meant to say have u ever tried almond milk?
  15. Thanks for the tip!! I will definitly check it iut!! btw gave u ever tried drinking almond milk? Just wondering if anyone had success w it? because i got some today!