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    hey i'm 18 and i'm gonna start college/uv soon hopefully. i'm interested in and care to understand everything about myself, other people, and the universe.
  1. yah prettywords is the kind of person that makes me afraid of laser treatment. theres a lot of positive reviews though
  2. This is what I'm afraid of so for sure be waiting at least another year. I don't know what subcision is but I read about it and it sounds painful and dangerous. They stick you to let the blood flow into the spot right? Ok I can post pictures, they will be up soon. I'm hearing a lot about subcision so its gaining my interest, thanks. I'm still wondering how much the treatments go for though, I know lasers go for around 3k each. thats funny that you say its mainly just the loud minority, you cal
  3. Hey, this site is looking to be my only hope for some influential guidance through endless scar treatments. I have some money saved up though and I'm thinking about buying a laser treatment(s) for myself. I'm 18 and I have rolling scars on my cheeks but mostly boxcar scars. I want to know which laser treatment is good and effective but one that won't leave me with burn marks.. I've seen a lot of mixed reviews on lasers in the past and I've actually seen burn marks on people who've done the t
  4. free falling

    Um..hair Loss?

    As a guy, i'd prefer clear skin rather then hair. Thinking as a girl i'd probably prefer the same thing unless the hair loss is severe beyond measurable amounts then I guess you can choose.. But i'd probably still stick with clearer skin. you can always buy a wig.
  5. free falling

    Day 27.

    well naturally skin isn't dry unless its affected by an outside source or internal disorder. I'm betting that your treatment is drying it.
  6. wow without thinking I laughed at some of your characterizations because they were pretty funny. I don't think anyone can look like the exorcist without trying though.
  7. yah I like to think of that feeling as self love. Even if you see bad skin, you can't shake the feeling that you love just one bit of yourself even when your mind is surrounded by bad energy. Then when you lose that last bit of hope, you contemplate suicide, and the strange complex cycle with no pattern starts all over again. And then you can't stop the feeling that your climbing up a landslide.
  8. he really needs you in his life i can tell you that. I'm also a teenager and I don't have someone like you to do some of the stuff you do like make dermatologist appointments. good job.
  9. yah dude your scars on a 1-10 scale.. are about a 3.2, 10 being severe
  10. you make some completely valid psychological points in your story. I myself have felt the same way. not to be rude or anything but a lot of the people on her, including myself, have permanent facial damage like actual tissue scarring, and I don't really think blood vessels are that severe. Usually discoloration and such other disorders occuring under the skin go away after a good amount of time. your saying since december this has affected you and you posted in march.. well i think your a littl