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  1. ... to bring back the old products? No, seriously. I know I'm not the only who liked the old products better. Mainly because the old Regimen actually worked, and also didn't leave me looking like a molting snake with sunburn and jaundice.
  2. jarlo

    light makes face shiny takes forever to absorb makes skin look yellow doesn't moisturize I really want to like this, but I can't. It makes my face greasy, takes almost an hour to absorb completely, and gives my fair skin a yellowish tint (I look like I have jaundice!). All this would probably be okay with me if it actually did its job. It doesn't moisturize nearly well enough and I still have flakes everywhere, even using much more than the recommended 2 full pumps.
  3. So, I've been using the regimen for 5 weeks. My skin is starting to clear a bit, which is great, but I've been having problems with EXTREME dryness. I can hardly move my face or smile, it's so tight and uncomfortable. The flakiness is so annoying, almost as bad as the acne itself. My entire face is flaky, but especially bad around my mouth, chin, jaw, and temples. The parts that aren't so flaky look scaly. It isn't getting better, no matter what I do. I was at the full amount of bp but cut bac
  4. I never wear makeup, except mascara or eyeshadow sometimes. I have prom tomorrow though, so there's no way I'm going without makeup. I'm really scared to use it. My skin's been improving lately and I don't want to mess it up. I bought e.l.f. makeup since I'm vegan, so I won't use most of the brands that are good for acne, don't know how e.l.f. is for that. I plan on putting it on an hour or two before prom and taking it off right after. How big of a chance is there that it'll break me out?
  5. I'm sure a lot of people here have experienced this... you know when you're talking to someone, and you can see their eyes drift up to your forehead or somewhere else you have acne? One of my "friends" does this all the time. We've known each other for so long that I have no idea why she still needs to stare at my zits while I'm trying to have a conversation with her. You know they're there, please don't pay attention to them instead of what I'm saying. x_x
  6. Thanks! I'll just use it at night so I won't have to worry
  7. So, I've never tried using bp on my back. My bacne usually isn't too bad, but it still makes me self-conscious enough not to wear clothes that show my back. I've always been worried about bp bleaching my clothes - has that happened to anyone? How long do you wait for the bp to absorb before you get dressed?
  8. Today I'm hopeful. I've only just restarted the regimen, but I feel like it'll work great once I get past the initial purge. I've been really positive today, hopefully it lasts!
  9. I don't really think it's possible to remove the BP from your face, as long as you've given it enough time to absorb completely, 30 min or so at least. If you're worried though, maybe try only using the jojoba at night?
  10. I started the regimen almost a week ago. I've only been using a tiny amount of bp but my skin is always really red the whole day from it. I have super sensitive skin. It burns a bit too, but nothing I can't tolerate and I don't think it's an allergic reaction. How long til I stop looking sunburned?