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  1. I am having trouble with spicy stuff on accutane! Normally, I can tolerate medium-hot spiciness, but I think now that I'm so dry, it's irritating my lips, mouth, throat, and stomach! Spicy food irritates my lips now, too! Not quite my stomach, but it can worsen my flushing at times, but overall I try to eat more foods with fresh herbs in them. Lemon juice on salads irritates my lips and inside my lip since I now have a lover canker sore. I was wondering if the accutane caused the canker sor
  2. Hey Stacey! How is the 80mg treating you? For me, every bump up gave me some noticeable effects within the first few days, but after that, I think my body adjusted and it's completely fine. Did you get the bag balm yet? You can always get the 1oz if the 10oz is too big. For the Cure, instead of pumping it in my palms and rubbing it all over my face at once, I tend to put it on one area at a time. I'll do half a pump on one cheek, then move up to my temple, then forehead, etc. I probably us
  3. Hi! Thank you! I've been reading up on your log as well, your pictures are showing progress and I'm sure they'll only get better and better So far the only regret I have is not starting accutane sooner! I would say that Cure is my #1 pick out of any product for this journey (that's saying a lot!)... I think it's really important to be prepared when you start the meds, but it sounds like you're ready
  4. I got the insurance a few weeks before I started and it did cover. All I know is my insurance covers ALL generic prescriptions, which are a flat fee of $15. If you signed up now, I don't know if they'd deny you or not, since you already started.... but could be worth a try if you're saving $400 a month.
  5. I'm currently on a month-to-month health insurance coverage that I got from www.myuhone.com... they're a branch of United Healthcare. My monthly coverage is around $98 and my generic prescriptions are only $15. I would definitely look into getting a temporary health insurance and not pay hundreds of dollars every month for your pills.
  6. You should watch Shameless!! I finished the two seasons within a week... so good! I've read all the Game of Thrones books and LOVED them, but I don't know if I can stomach watching the actual scenes in a show. I hear it's super gory, and that's not really my thing, so I'm scared to watch! I don't know how you deal with a wedding planner that kinda sucks... I would be the ultimate bridezilla. Though I tend to get anxious a lot, so I can understand your "wanting to get it over with" mentality.
  7. Day 79 It's been a while! Derm bumped me up to 60mg last visit and I can't believe I'm nearly halfway through! I'm getting annoying dry patches on my upper arms, but they don't itch or anything and are basically invisible when I'm moisturized. Waaaahhhh... does anyone else miss being able to wax? Shaving IS AWFUL Hi Stacey!!! I managed to move out of DC without TOO much anxiety, but my stuff consisted mostly of what was in my bedroom and walk-in closet, so I can't imagine moving an en
  8. It's awful! One second I'm fine, and then the next, any small little thing sets me off and then I feel bad. Will be glad to not deal with this anymore once I'm off the medication! I mailed in my lease application for an apartment yesterday! Nothing is certain yet, though I really can't find a reason why they'd reject it. I'll make a proper announcement once everything's figured out In hindsight, this living situation will be MUCH better than the person who flaked out on me, but obviously I
  9. Hey everyone, it's been a while! Thanks so much for the support Gina and Stacey- the stories of how you met your significant others and just decided to follow your gut were so sweet! And I completely agree, once you KNOW, you definitely know! Betsy- I'm here, I'm here! At least we're FB friends so you know that I didn't fall off the face of the earth I've been a bit preoccupied with planning a move out of DC while simultaneously trying to plan a move into NYC. Needless to say, it's be
  10. Day 33 Been a week since the bump up, and I haven't noticed any big changes. Getting the occasional pimple on the forehead, but I have side bangs, so they're easily coverable. Skin stays dry all day, which is a very nice change from having to run to the bathroom and blot oil off my face several times a day. Other than that... I had a mini emotional breakdown today (couldn't help but think of the one Gina had yesterday!). I was set to go up to NYC this Sunday to meet up with a girl I'd been
  11. Same with my derm... I think he specializes in other skin disorders. But he's had a good amount of accutane cases in the past and knows about cumulative dosage, though he explained it as "You're supposed to have 1mg of accutane per kg of weight for 150 days." He was surprised that I didn't have an awful IB when I met with him last week, telling me that normally people's skin don't look good until well after the second month. I didn't bother explaining to him about how I already had a bad IB w
  12. Mine are also smaller and less noticeable. I bet other people can't even see it... I can only notice when I tilt my head a certain way. It would make sense that it's milia, since it's caused by trapped dry skin. Sounds like exfoliation and time will get rid of them, especially since accutane causes lots of skin renewal.
  13. I think the bumps (at least for me) are milia: http://www.trinityderm.com/trinityderm/comskincondetails.aspx?id=33 A few weeks ago, I used a new kind of lotion and overnight I got a ton of them on my forehead. Some of them DID end up being clogged pores, but there were lots that weren't and they eventually did go away.
  14. Thanks, Katie! I'm kind of curious to see how long I could go without washing my hair, but I like the feeling of washing it, so I've only gone every other day so far. Take a milk thistle pill if you're planning on drinking! I haven't gotten any hangovers, and it's supposed to be very helpful to your liver! Yeah, once I use Cure and put on balm, my lips are perfect I seriously accredit that stuff to me not having any flakiness whatsoever. You can visit me in NYC! And yes, I usually like to