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  1. I was finishing a set, gently dabbed my forehead with my towel, looked up and saw a cute girl, smiled, picked up my dumbbells, placed them on the rack, turned to face the mirror, and saw my forehead was bleeding. Bahaha ... I was totally embarrassed. Guess it didn't matter, though, because we exchanged numbers later.. Such is life! (Do any of you have embarrassing gym stories?)
  2. When I went to pick up my second month's worth of accutane two nights ago, I discovered that the prescription hadn't been sent properly. Instead of the 70 mg intended, only 30 mg had been written in. The pharmacy needed to send in for correction through godawful facsimile. It wasn't until the next day that I got my medication, and I was utterly displeased. It wasn't that I had to charge, for the second time, around 1k - in fact, this was great because I've only just started to build credit -,
  3. 21st day. Not much has happened since my last post. My skin breaks out rather infrequently and that's about it. My skin's quite dry, although this is nothing a bit of cream cannot fix. Still not feeling any sort of fatigue or joint irritation, nor any dizziness. The latter I'm particularly thankful for because at work I am on the computer for no fewer than four or so hours a day. Rather captivating this post, wasn't it? (Yes - my humor is this actually dry...) The only complaint I
  4. One of the things I do is kart race. This entails wearing a tightly woven nylon balaclava, which holds sweat and dirt rather impressively, in addition to a full-face helmet with padding not terribly conducive to ventilation. That I race in a more inland area of California certainly doesn't help, as it's typically quite hot - the effect of which is then compounded by the slick asphalt of the track. As one might expect, when finished racing after several hours, my face is an absolute wreck and
  5. I'm certainly aware of how I over think things and am, if you can believe it, considerably more off the cuff. The post was largely an expression, sort of a great exhale before moving on entirely. Two minor points I'd like to clarify - as far as the writing is concerned, can't quite help it. I write as I write; nothing contrived here. The second - acne was never, materially, the single driver of the anxiety described. All of this aside, thanks for writing. Your brute honesty, as you put it, I a
  6. Hey, I'm so sorry for the late response. Appreciate your thoughts... Being in a relationship for the sake of it, very likely missing the chance to meet other swell people, and indulging in admittedly frivolous fun on omegle - I agree with you on all counts. Anyway, I do hope your debate went alright!
  7. When feeling just a bit under the weather, which usually happens in the morning, I sometimes listen to a peppy song about sunshine or love* and eat a massive bowl of granola with nuts and fruit in it. Perhaps some tuna instead. Silly, yes, but effective to no ends! When the feeling is quite a lot more melancholic, a bit depressive even, many times I turn to taking a shower, putting on my best oxfords and simply going out. I just start walking. As I traipse about in crowded areas, I often end up
  8. Certainly hope you aren't feeling exceedingly sad.. Fingers crossed that things pick up for you!
  9. Hello! I have reservations about whether I can help you feel better, but.. You seem like a swell gal, and that's what I believe is meaningful. Delight in knowing your friends are your friends for a reason - they're attracted to your character! As for those who have given you grief, it is apparent they've endeavors of a basest variety worth not even your vaguest note. Absolutely worth all of your dismissal and none of your quite clearly warm sentiment. What I do when feeling glum is smile at l
  10. Today was my fifth day on isotretinoin. I complained several days ago about having broken out madly, though since, these flareups have completely died down. Now, my skin is very dry, my lips are cracking rather a lot, and I'm breaking out almost not at all. The redness is also beginning to turn from this unruly guard's red to a more washed-out colour. Perhaps worth noting - when I step into the shower, my head becomes suddenly rather itchy. I have yet to find a solution for this.. perhaps a p
  11. jonathanc

    Day Two

    It is unlikely I will write posts with such frequency in the future, but for now I am. Today is my second day on isotretinoin. Already, my face has blossomed into a brightly coloured patchwork of youth and joviality - of course, indirectly, as they are implied by the horrid state of my acne! Nothing has changed in my sentiment, diet, or circumstance since two days ago, so it must be the treatment. I hadn't gotten such bright spots of terror in eons, but today, honestly, all of the netherwo
  12. jonathanc

    Day One

    Thanks for sharing. I'll have to wait and see about the effect on my joints. Apart from that, I've already been acting rather like a bat in avoiding the sunlight! Hope it works for you, too!
  13. Hope it clears up in a hurry. I myself have just started the program and am in one of the most pretty-faced towns in the state - I expect I'll be able to sympathize with you in a most fundamental way very soon.
  14. jonathanc

    Day One

    Not five minutes ago I took my first couple of pills of isotretinoin (and forsooth, how innocuous are these, which hold the key to clear skin!). Needless to say, I'm excited. In fact, so excited that I had butterflies in my stomach for a moment. Silly, when this will be a many-month episode. Although I had no doubt about hopping on the accutane train, I did have these few anxieties.. As I work out rather a lot, and plan to really pick up and get into shape this summer, would I be one of those