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  1. Have the similar thing, mine can get red though sometimes dont know why or how. How long have you had this?
  2. I have the similiar thing, and it has faded alot, so no worries it will fade for you too When for some reason you get warm, does the redness on your cheeks get much worse?
  3. Hey, they will proly fade in time. The redness you have around the marks, has it becomed considerable better over the year?
  4. Hey brah, abit hard to see how bad the marks are on the pic, lighting and distance is a mindfuk. I have somewhat the same, just some discoloration on the cheeks where the acne was on its worst, if it is from the acne it will go away, just keep it acne free. How long have you been trying to fade them? and do you still get acne?
  5. Interesting, I do believe that wounds in general heals better when it is moist but not sire with red marks. In the tanning industry it is said if you want to keep a tan longer you should moisturize (so it stays on longer), just a thought haha. It should be done some research on this shit, its like everyone has different experiences with red marks. Anyway, do you have red marks now brah?
  6. Hey people, was thinking about this the other day. In THEORY red marks and PIH would fade faster without moisturizer because the skin shedding would be faster right? When skin is shedding at a faster rate the redness will be gone faster, but i've read that you SHOULD be using moisturizer because when the skin is moist it heals better. What do you think, and what do you use to fade these ghey fukers?
  7. Interesting, im also battling red marks on my cheeks. Its a pain lol. Im kind of debating wether or not I should tan more, don't like hiding inside all day when the weather is sexy. GL, hope it will work out for you keep us updated
  8. Lol why would you? Never good to try trick yourself by lighting, because you get even more let down when yo usee yourself in a bad lighting elsewhere. I would just buy the whitest light ever just to see all the imperfections on your skin, because then it's easier to improvements if you have red marks that is. But for your question i would say it looks best in a yellow light ish thing
  9. Stop with all this bullshit oatmeal cleansing, exfoliation shit bro. If you wanna go caveman regimen you have to at least go with it for a couple of months, almost everyone who tries this gets dead skin mask, but then it goes away later. This is either because of your skin healing udnerneath and the dead skin is protecting it or the face need some time to readjust the moisture level in the skin, since you have been using moisturiser all these years. What i dont understand is that you are 30 ye
  10. Yeah. I don't know why you guys go around with this dead skin mask on your face. That doesn't do any thing. Stop using cleansers and harmful topicals like BP and don't scrub your skin, sure. But there is no reason to not wash your face with water or oil and do some mild exfoliation. I wipe my face with a wet washcloth every morning and oil cleanse when I have makeup to remove. I've been doing that for a couple of years now. Well the dead skin layer is devoloping for a reason, so it does d
  11. lol this. After I have had acne I do repect them alot, but women with acne is a turnoff imo, sorry girls <3 A turnoff? Double standard much ? It is reality, at least mine. I don't think anyone should identify with acne, i've always never thought they were a part of me, just a temporary disease that dont have anything to do with me. Anyone who thinks acne ADDS attraction to a person is crazy imo, ofc i understand the suffering the person is going through.
  12. lol this. After I have had acne I do repect them alot, but women with acne is a turnoff imo, sorry girls <3
  13. Dude, those are nothing. Don't be pussy
  14. dayumn son, you shouldnt obsess over those two spots haha, it's nothing. And yes they will fade it's rarely they don't