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  1. I want to like it

    Absorbs quickly Plays well with makeup Comedogenic (cetaryl alcohol) Tub container not very sanitary I don't know why people obsess over this product; it has caused me massive daily breakouts. I wasn't sure what the cause was until I stopped using this product. Even the derm says it's not for use on the face: notice how the container is very careful to avoid that word. Its 4th ingredient ranks a 4 on the comedogenicity scale. Definitely ditch this one.
    -lightweight -not greasy -smells good -not moisturizing enough for use with benzoyl peroxide -sticks to makeup, causing flakes as I apply foundation -lasts just over a month (2 applications per day) Definitely not the appropriate moisturizer if you're on benzoyl peroxide. What is up with all the other reviews? You'd use it as a "luxury hand cream"?! There ain't nothin' luxurious about this product; it's just an alcohol-based gel.