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  1. At least in male acne sufferers, which means ejaculation. Not sure if its relevant to women and if\how it affects them. Hello everybody, im 20 years old male, acne sufferer for 7 years. But for the last 5 months I have been 100% clear. I didn't change my diet, didn't change my hygiene habits, didn't take any new products for the skin (I don't use any now) and didn't change anything except ONE thing-my ejaculation frequency. What did I try before to cure acne? Diet:gluten free, dairy free(I s
  2. wrinkles are the result of loss of collagen, nothing to do with oil.
  3. why do i have oily skin?? for what?? i fkn hate it! need to wash with soap every 3-4 hours to keep it dry and not break out.
  4. In the past I used to use dove soap morning and night and I would give it a good scrub which made it very dry after words. After a few hours, my skin would be very oily which resulted in bad acne. Although, this is what I believe but there were probably other factors. Now I've corrected my mistakes such as washing less and my skin is a lot less oily. So do you know if using quite cold water would strip away oil easier then plain cool water? all wrong it doesnt matter how many times you wash, it
  5. Suppressing DHT does NOT make estrogen go up. Suppressing PROGESTERONE can cause estrogen problems because one of progesterone's main jobs is to keep estrogen in check. This misconception probably came about because certain anti-androgens, such as spironolactone, suppress DHT and actively raise estrogen at the same time. Other anti-androgens, such as saw palmetto, do not raise estrogen. saw palmetto do raise estrogen, im talking from self experience. when i started SP, my nipples used to hurt,
  6. Stress can be a major factor in acne. You'll have to learn how to deal. absolute bullsh1t. op:go on the regimen. this will clear you 100%. explain me how food increase DHT. only dairy might increase DHT as dairy contains hormones.
  7. right now i take saw plametto+washing my face with soap to combat my oily skin. it keeps me 95% clear. i was told this should clear acne in 30 days. today im gonna start taking brewers yeast 6 pills a day. lets see if my acne\oily skin will go away, ill update in few weeks.
  8. ah, and here is some "broscience" about weight lifting and testosterone. http://www.trulyhuge...estosterone.htm http://thinksteroids...sterone-levels/ http://www.squidoo.c...erone-naturally http://www.testoster...odybuilding-and http://www.mhnhairst...-hair-loss.html http://www.livestron...-levels-in-men/ http://www.askmen.co...itness_tip.html http://artofmanlines...ake-you-man-up/ http://www.stronghea...-weight-lifting you will never see "weight lifting causes acn
  9. Tell me you are kidding? Where is the study that proves this? If anything working out with a solid diet can help control acne. The acne you would have got would have been from the bacteria on the weights. Chances you touch your face. I am sorry but you statement is based on "broscience" and a circular argument at best. I have worked out for years. This year my acne cleared up with out medication and the key to this was my diet. I train hard, work with one of the best nutritionists in the u.k He
  10. lol "My clearest skin was when I was working out the hardest and most." when did you have acne in the first place? and how did you cure it? its quite simple: DHT causes oily skin, oily skin causes acne. so we take for example 3 people, number 1 and 2 and 3. only number 3 has acne when skinny. all 3 have same testosterone level, same size etc. means they all have somewhat same DHT levels. all 3 have testosterone 500 [for example] when skinny: 1=no acne when skinny. start lifting, tes