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  1. Okay, so this probably has already been asked tens of times but I want to ask more precise questions and I hope that everyone who has tried out the Regimen kit and/or AHA+ would contribute. I'm hoping for honest opinions and if possible, quite specific details regarding certain matters... So thanks guys! Firstly, for those of you who have tried out the Regimen kit, how closely do you follow the procedures? Do you mean to say that deviation would cause lil improvement? (I live a really hectic
  2. Okay. Thanks. Will do just that. Guess I have to be a little more patient... Guess I need some sunscreen if I want to help the healing process? I haven't started the acne.org aha+ yet I'm still letting my face become used to the regimen and the bp I will definitely let you know how it goes when I start it. I am hoping that it is better the the PTR as that didn't do much for me although I didn't use if for too long Oh please do do do update me on how it goes with the AHA+. I would highly a
  3. Okay. Thanks. Will do just that. Guess I have to be a little more patient... Guess I need some sunscreen if I want to help the healing process? Were you still having active acne before you started the regimen and used the PTR product? Oh gosh, please please please do update me on your results with the acne.org AHA. It's due to the hefty shipping fee that I opted for PTR instead. So PLEASE tell me how effective the AHA+ is so that I can consider ordering it too if it works much more effective
  4. Is it necessary for the skin to have visible peeling/ slight rough texture to be sure that the AHA is working or it could be neither stinging nor peeling yet still works? Thanks a lot! You've been such a dear. Uhm, wondering if AHA can be used to lighten skin patches slightly darkened by contact allergy on the face area though? Is it okay?
  5. Lotions are just thicker than moisturisers right? So... it depends on how well the skin absorbs the product? But I've heard of people claiming that with AHA, results can be seen within 3 weeks???? :'O Slight improvement, that is...
  6. Soooo the AHA you're using is just as effective (as Dan's AHA) ? It takes a while for red marks to fade but the AHA's working right? Thank you~! I was worried because I've tried an application cream with ~10% AHA and ~5% Arbutin (diff form of Hydroquinone) but so far not much results... *cries* Would a moisturizer AHA or lotion AHA be better? What's the difference?
  7. Okay... So uhm, due to the hefty shipping fee imposed on purchase of acne.org products, I was wondering if anyone here who has tried Peter Thomas Roth (PTR) products which contain AHA (Such as the Glycolic Acid 10% Hydrating Gel and the AHA moisturizer etc) would be so kind to provide some feedback. I'd love to try Dan's AHA but the shipping fee is ridiculous.... It saddens me so. So I was considering the PTR product line as an alternative but would love to hear some opinions first to compar
  8. Amazon? I did try asking my proxy if it were possible but she insisted that it gets redirected to acne.org for shipment still? Does anyone know more about this??? Please? :'< I really just want to get the 16USD one to tryout first but the minimum shipping fee is almost 4 times the product itself and that's really heavy on the purse.... Is Dan's AHA suitable and effective for all skin types of different ethnicities??? :'< I hope so It's rather difficult to find AHA based products here T
  9. Hmm... Overall, reviews from many others have been pretty positive but there're some who also state otherwise? That it stings and burns and causes red marks to last longer/whiteheads pop up? :'< What are the chances of that happening???? Oh gosh... I'm just really worried,,, I mean, sure it's 16USD but after adding on the international shipping fee, I almost fainted. T_____T Isn't there a cheaper alternative to get it...? I see~ Thank you for the useful info. I've always wondered if pro glyc
  10. Really? It's that good? But why would it be better than any other generic Glycolic Acid lotion though, out of curiosity? Can it fade all PIH marks even if they've been there for years and are kinda bumpy like vein-cracks (containing a little pus if squeezed as though they were pimples that couldn't heal completely)??? Within 1 week, and such great results? Wow... (Uhm, no offense but I hope what you're stating here is off pure personal experience not due to some other reasons and such ^^" B'c
  11. Thanks! That's very kind and helpful of you ^^ How's it been working for you so far? I feel so lost sometimes...
  12. How would you go about that, if I may ask? :'< Uhm... What does 'having acne or not' really refer to? Well... there's the monthly hormonal cycle and all...? So... the occasional pimples? (But thank God for occasional and under control) Yes I do cleanse twice a day, use BP on active acne and moisturize afterwards. Probably a silly question but I gotta ask anyway, is it necessary for the skin to somewhat literally shed when using BP/AHA to actually be able to tell whether the products have
  13. So I've been using a cream called Demelan for at least over a month now which contains ~10% Glycolic acid, ~2% Arbutin and ~5% Kojic Acid (If I'm not wrong)... I'm wondering if anyone has used it before and what are their feedback on the results etc. I'm so lost... Please help... Pimples have made me so terribly depressed.... Slightly raised circular and vein-like bumps on my cheeks along with the occasional new ones are filled with some pus... And they give a wide area a sort of bri
  14. Hi this is a question probably asked about already but I'd rather have a clear cut answer so please help me I was thinking of going on a prescription of antibiotics to help with my complexion issue. My questions are... 1. Do antibiotics cause severe side effects like Accutane? (e.g hair loss, depression and ESPECIALLY memory loss? Am very worried if medication affects brain function :<) I'm curious as to why most patients are put on accutane rather than antibiotics. 2. What are the cha