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  1. I went to this doctor i've been going to 2 weeks ago for my second cross treatmen on two deep ice pick scars. The first sitting yielded some pretty good results. I have these scars on my jawline. I believe the doctor didn't apply cross to the scar but in the whole are and kind of spilled it. He used tca 25%. Today after almost 2 weeks when the huge scab fell off it revealed a huge crater and i'm depressed. I traded a huge crater for two small deep scars. I hate my decision now of going to this d
  2. Hi guys today I went to my dermatologist. He checked my skin and told me that my scars weren't severe and I should use topicals and the most he can do is a sitting or co2 laser. I don't know why my scars weren't severe to him but to me my skin sucks. I showed him two ice picks on my jawline and he said that I can do tca cross right now. He used 25% tca on the scars which burned a little and later swelled but not noticeable. I just hope they just improve. Now what I want to know is how effective
  3. Hi guys I just realised the correct term for my type of scars is 'saucer shaped scars' as some mention it, cause it gives a better idea. So I have these 2 big saucer shaped scars on my cheek one is rather steep and the other one is sloping. When I turn my face down the sloping scar is very much noticeable and looks ugly. It is many times caught in the pictures too. The other scar is very weird in color and appears quite deep sometimes. I've had 5 subcisions and 3 needling sessions 10 saline inje
  4. Hi myskin2012 I understand what you're saying. I myself have the same problem and it's really frustrating because my scars just don't have the same appearance through out the day. Sometimes in the morning they're not there at all but sometimes really deep. I don't know what causes these changes in scars because they are very deceiving and. I myself had a few appointments with my dermatologists and they refused to do subcision or filler for me calling them very shallow and offered me laser instea
  5. I am sorry to hear about your condition. How long it has been since you performed needling. Is it under 2-3 months?
  6. I know dudley but now I am kind of obsessed with her. It is easier said than done. I have started liking her. Thanks for the cheer up Thanks dudleydoright for the nice quote. I am not an arrogant person lol.. though I used to be but not anymore. I know some guys come off really pretentious which is obviously a turn off. I am not pretentious nor arrogant. She isn't bad either but I am not sure what would be her reaction. I never said to sent her close up acne scars photo LOL It would be rea
  7. Thank you myskin i really appreciate the help..i have done this in the past..but in that picture my scars were not much noticeable. I have told her too that i have acne. NyakBR- I am too afraid to mention because i don't know what her reaction would be. I had to take it in the past and i was ashamed. I am just afraid. Thank u very much guys...i appreciate the help
  8. Hi I have some pretty bad scars they are not much noticeable in day time when I am in sun but iin the room lighting they are very noticeable. My skin tone is not great either I have very harsh and uneven skin tone. I have never had any girlfriend in my entire life because of this fear. In fact I started a relationship with a girl in college who one day texted me during the conversation and asked why I have scars and she told me that she didn't like them. I was very much embarrassed and I told he
  9. Heavy. Rolling scars can be treated with subcision or fillers. You can get cheaper copper peptides elsewhere, just stay away from Skin Bio's Super Cop. thanks nope.avi. I have had 4 rounds of subcisions but my scars have apparently gone back to what they used to be... should i get more subcisions? Fillers are not permanent and expensive too.. but what filler would you suggest? thanks very much
  10. scarsscars


    Your skin is just perfect except a few red marks. I think Just let them heal on their own.
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    Hey Catilyn I think excision will work for you. My doctor recommended me excision for these kind of scars. I have them too.
  12. Copper Peptide is just too much expensive for me besides I am too embarrassed to order it cause if someone else receives they might see it, thanks a lot for the suggestion though. I was wondering if anyone else had good experience with self needling with diabetic needles. I just performed another round of needling this past sunday. scars have already started to sink in. I am really frustrated with all treatments. Is there any permanent cure for rolling scars? Please help me because I am going t
  13. Guys does needling work at all? My scars don't seem to respond well to needling. I have had two self needling sessions so far with diabetic needle. It looked good for a month but its back to deep scars.
  14. Thanks for your reply caitlynnf. Unfortunately in my country I don't have copper peptide. I have heard people had some pretty significant results with it. I am currently using mederma which seems to help a bit. Thank you again
  15. Hi I am not a new member on Acne.org. I used to write on here by scarsruinlife, for some reasons this website won't let me login and I have to use a new account. Okay, my journey so far, two huge rolling scars, 5 subcisions, 8 self saline injections, 2 needling sessions, Retin-A every night, daily exfoliation. Results? Very minimum. I recently did this needling sessions like a month ago for 4 weeks my scars appearance kept changing. On the fifth week they kind of seemed like there is 20% improv