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  1. I agree with Brandy, make sure the moisturiser has completely absorbed before applying your makeup, if you apply it straight away it can mix in with your moisturiser and won't look right. I only use jojoba oil at night, my skin looks too oily if I do it before work. I also clean my makeup brushes about once a week.
  2. I have only a few pimples here and there but a lot of acne scars. I only wear makeup at work. I use Mac Studio Fix concealer on my dark marks, a little definitely goes a long way. I then use Covergirl Trublends Mineral powder and lightly dust it over my face and neck. Thats it, its not much work but I get perfect coverage, people say they can't believe I have acne scars. Both products last me forever too, Ive had the concealer and powder since November 11, used it 4-5 times a week and the concea
  3. Just started this regimen and its really working well for me so far. I live in Perth, at Priceline they have the Cetaphil cleanser for Oily/Acne prone skin, Benzac 2.5% and Cetaphil moisturiser in a pack for $30 so I bought that. I also have the Olay complete defence with UV for sensitive skin. Morning: cleanse and Olay moisturiser (don't have enough time for BP in the morning, I wake up at 3am for work) Night: cleanse, BP and Cetaphil moisturiser Every now and then my skin gets a litt