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  1. I had the same problem with any moisturizers, not just Dan's. My face would look like I just ate a dozen Kentucky Fried Chicken IN the bucket. Blotting sheets would not thoroughly work for me. I'm on WK 6 and had to alter my regimen. No BP and moisturizers in the AM except for a bit (finger tip amount) of AHA from Walgreen's. So far it's working out for me. My skin would be dry for the first 30 minutes and I found out that my natural oil lubricates my face and gets rid of the dryness. At least I
  2. How much BP are you using? I'm on my 5th week and still have oily and dry feeling at the same time. I decreased my BP amount to 1 pump once a day and AHA. But this is working for ME, and may not work for you. Bottom line is, you have to start really slow and pay attention to your body's reaction to the BP and adjust accordingly. Dans regimen works for him and many others but my face couldn't take anymore BP so I adjusted it based on my experience. Good luck.
  3. looks better without makeup.
  4. Congratulations. How much BP (pump/s) are you on now? And how often to do you apply the BP?
  5. Thumbs up for trying to suck others' optimism. I've been only on DKR for 3 weeks and my skin is clear without red marks and severe spots that lasts permanently as you experience. Oh, and there is no such thing as "perfect" skin. Have a great day .
  6. Thanks Maximus. I'll stay at 1 pump for now and ramp up to 1.25 pumps if needed.
  7. I'm wondering if anyone who is on DKR use less than the recommended dosage (2 full pumps) and have been consistently clear. The reason why I'm asking is because I've been on the DKR for 3.5 weeks and was on 1 full pump twice a day and have been clear. On the third week, I increased to 1.5 pumps twice a day and my skin is going through the extra dry phase again. Should I just stick to 1 pump twice a day?
  8. If the redness wasn't there before, it seems that the logical thing to do is to go back to your previous amount of BP. I've found that it takes 7 days for my skin to adjust when increasing the BP amount.
  9. What I found helpful, which I read here is to take 5-7 drops of jojoba oil and massage it gently to the problem areas PRIOR to washing your face. This serves as an exfolliant as you massage the problem areas with your fingers, then resume with DKR. Worked for me the first time I tried it.
  10. I'm not sure how much BP you used when you started applying twice a day. I had the same problem. I started 1/2 pump every night for the first week then 1/2 pump twice a day the 4th day and my face became extremely tight and made my face appeared leather-like. What I found is that DKR's cleanser was really drying so I switched to Cetaphil cleanser right away. I also applied copious amount of Eucerine original formula all over my face the same night my face became leather-like. My face went back t