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  1. This sounds very promising to me. I sent an email with a few questions and about pricing. On the website it says from 5,000 to 17,000 dollars Here's his website http://metromd.net/?s=acne+scars Thoughts??
  2. I didn't get a good feeling from the plastic surgeon. He could be a great doctor, but I just didn't feel like he had much experience with acne scars.. so I'm going to have a consultation with a dermatologist named Dr. Adler. Wish me luck! Here's his website if you're interested http://dallascosmeticcenter.com/procedures_acnescarring.html Just be warned, fillers are inherently temporary. The results that you get from procedures like subcision, TCA cross, and laser resurfacing, after the ini
  3. Is it a big deal if the doctor doesn't have any before and after pictures?
  4. I think I'm just going to go with subcision/filler and tca cross. The only thing is I felt like he might not have much experience because he didn't have 1 before and after picture of subcision or tca. But he's the only one I've found in my area that offeres these procedures. I'm going to think about it and if I do get the treatments I will update and post pictures on here hopefully.
  5. I went today for a consultation about my acne scars. The doctor recommended co2 laser but I'm not really interested in that. I told him I've read that it doesn't do anything for indeneted scars and that I'm more interested in subcision and fillers.. he said he could do subcision with juvederm filler but if he done that to all my scars (which are many) my face shape would change and look rounder. He also said tca cross would be good for my temple area scars. But he kept saying co2 laser is the m