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  1. Hey man, I come back to tell people about my side effects because if I was in a similar position 6 years ago before I took this, I would want to know too. Honestly, unless you have a very very bad case of acne, I really don't think its worth it AT ALL. This stuff messes with you on a genetic level. Seriously, google accutane and telomere shortening. If you read what this stuff does to you you won't even think twice about taking it. It is so not worth it. So look... you obviously make your own
  2. ^ yeah you hit the nail on the head there. It's funny for me to read that because that was 100% exactly my thought process as I started Accutane. My justification was that the long term side effects were not so prevalent, and you had to be quite unlucky to be affected like the horror stories you read on the internet. And maybe that's true. Maybe the actual chance of experiencing bad long-term side effects is somewhere in the 5-10% range, but that's still a big chance to take when you consider
  3. I appreciate you reading it. And yeah I come back from time to time to check out the thread out of curiosity now. I hope everything is going well for you, I know you're in the middle of it now so hopefully everything is going smoothly. Just try to keep it out of your mind and try to live a normal life as much as possible.
  4. Thank you for your response leviosa, positivity and patience are certainly a must in dealing with the emotional effects of acne. I hope your journey went smoothly and successfully.
  5. Jones, I appreciate you reading this entire thread and your articulate response. When I started this thread, it was to relate to people and help them through their experience, and hopefully to positively impact at least one person. The fact that this has over 30,000 views does make me very happy that people have read this and hopefully some have positively benefitted from it. But... the most important thing I wanted to do was to relay the truth. As I said at the end of my first post, I neve
  6. So... I'm going to be honest here. I didn't even want to come back and write this post but I figured I should... At the end of the day, accutane was not worth the risks for me. It has been 4 years since I started my Accutane regimen and I can tell you it was not worth it. Symptoms I thought would eventually subside never did, and have actually gotten worse recently. My lips, eyes, skin, and hair are still so incredibly dry every day that I do not feel like I used to. I'm constantly trying
  7. How severe are your dry eyes/lips? Only bad when I wear contacts for my eyes. Besides that unnoticeable. The lips get chapped in cold weather immediately but otherwise just a little dry most of the time. What happened with your stomach & how common is that? I ended up forming 2 very small and premature ulcers in my stomach, and it is basically nonexistent in side effects percentages with accutane. Could have been genetical, but who knows, the timing is very fishy with a 19 year
  8. Hello again everybody. This is probably going to be the last update I do considering it's now been 3 years since I started Accutane and I don't think any other side effects are going to present themselves at this point. (It should be known, however, that I do get nostalgic so don't be too surprised if I show up in this post at some point...) This isn't a usual update with my current side effects or progress, it's pretty much all out there already. Instead, I wanted to thank everybody that t
  9. Hey there lynna and light, again sorry for such the late response but I only visit the site infrequently nowadays. I'm glad you guys could answer each other's questions though. 2 1/2 years later, and I am happy to say I'm still acne free, but my update will be to a slightly different tune than my usual accutane praise today. Although I am acne free, it did come at a cost. I continually experience dry lips and eyes, almost every day. And on top of that, my hair is dramatically thinner and drier
  10. Hey there, sorry for not responding sooner but its been a while since I've been on here. My blood tests were perfectly normal every time. Just make sure to be careful if they're coming back abnormal.
  11. Well... it's hard to imagine that it has been a year since I finished my course of accutane. I can gladly say that acne is a distant thought in my mind, which is amazing considering I only thought about it 24 hours a day before accutane. My complexion is great, and my face's oil balance is perfect. Before all of this, my entire life was obsessed with acne. Treating it, curing it, hating it, looking at it, refusing to look at it, thinking about how my life would be different without it. It wa
  12. I can tell you 100% that fraternities will never reject kids because they have too many brothers, so don't worry about that. It's actually the opposite, the fact that fraternities do like large pledge classes help some spring rushees out because fraternities always try to reach a soft quota, and there's not a bunch of kids that rush spring. But really man don't about it, the way my fraternity's rush works is we all talk it out together and are very fair in evaluating the person. We give some kid
  13. You're lucky I found this because I'm probably the best person on this website to answer this question lol. Anyways, I just finished my senior year at a very big college, was in a fraternity (don't call it frat btw, you don't call your country a c*nt do you?) and also took accutane (40mg a day) for 5 months while in the fraternity during my junior year. First things first, rushing during your freshman fall is an unforgettable experience, however, pledging is serious and although me or yo
  14. Yes, I had both indented scars and dark marks. For the indented scarring, that obviously took the longest time to clear, but it did within about 6-months post-Accutane. That's one thing to remember, is that a good amount of healing occurs after the treatment is done. I still have a few indents but they are virtually unnoticable. IBs are the worst part of Accutane. It all gets better from here on out! 1)I did have red marks, and I would say that the accutane most definitely exaggerated
  15. 9 Months Post-Accutane Still clear! I get occasional pimples here and there, but they are all surface and usually dry up the same day I notice them. My joints are still mildly affected and my lips still, 9 months later, need chapstick to prevent from drying out. The chapstick is not a total necessity, but its pretty close to being one. The only reason for these updates at this point is to give a little hope out there to those who need it. I know I needed it. Besides that there's not re
  16. UPDATE: 6 months Post-Accutane Hi again everybody. So 6 months post-accutane... still can't believe it's been that long since I ended. The only side-effects that remain are: - Mildly dry lips - Joint aches, especially in my knees and elbows, after long periods of staying in the same position (bending, sitting, etc,). My oil production levels have come back to about 50% of what they used to be, in a good way! My skin looks healthy and glowing, I do not have any acne and 90% of my scarr
  17. Hey courtney, I'm glad this helped! Accutane is by no means easy, but if you take it one day at a time and focus on other things you will find yourself done with it before you know it. It's a great drug and I hope that you get as much out of it as I did. Feel free to message me if you have any questions or just updates on how you're doing, I love to hear other people's stories.
  18. UPDATE: 50 days post-accutane... Well I went back to my dermatologist and I shouldn't be needing any microdermabrasion or any scar treatments, as there are virtually no scars! Still can't believe it worked this well, it is truly only getting better even 2 months after I took my last pill. Any scars I had left just kept fading, and my oil levels have returned to normal at this point; but still not a single pimple since I've finished my course. My skin looks radiant and healthy and clear! Stil
  19. Based on my own and other friends' experiences, unfortunately no, the redness does not really go away until a few weeks after you are finished with the course. I do understand about the bright red marks, I had them as well and although they cleared slightly during the course, the real improvement happened once I was off for a while. Patience is probably the best remedy for now, but it will more than pay off.
  20. Hey! I have had a turn around in my progress! For the best. All of a sudden last week things started to heal up. I have a lot of red marks that are left behind but I know that they will heal! Any tips besides time on fading those up? I can't wait to see my progress by the end of month 4! Haha you sound exactly like how I felt about this exact time in the course. The red marks will slowly fade; I'm sorry but I didn't try anything to expedite the healing process, I still have a few slight mar
  21. I would have small setbacks all the way up to about the end of month 3. But even when I did break out it would be only 1 or 2 small surface pimples. Just make sure not to pick them because the accutane will make them dry up within a day or two, and if you pick on acne while on accutane you're really just asking for scars. Its a long process, but stay positive and take care of yourself and I'm sure you will be satisfied by the end. Take every day as it comes. And to beautiful disasters, I'
  22. I would say I had mostly indented and a small amount of boxcar scars. The boxcars are of course going to take longer just because they tend to be deeper but have patience because most of the boxcar scars started to fade about a week or two AFTER I finished the treatment. And they're still fading almost a month later now too. Don't get discouraged scars tend to heal after accutane for up to a year later.
  23. Hey Tom, I would say that it was a progressive improvement from the 3rd month on. They started slowly diminishing from then, and now that I am off Accutane for a little over a week now the remaining scars have actually made the most improvement. It's amazing because I went from having terrible scarring and now it almost looks like I never had acne in my life. That is awesome to hear. I am a week into my 3 rd month and I haven't seen a huge amount of progress. It's nice to hear that you had
  24. Hey Tom, I would say that it was a progressive improvement from the 3rd month on. They started slowly diminishing from then, and now that I am off Accutane for a little over a week now the remaining scars have actually made the most improvement. It's amazing because I went from having terrible scarring and now it almost looks like I never had acne in my life.