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  1. Hi, I tried the the Regimen for about three years and had pretty good results; I was clear for the first time in my life. Sadly, my skin started to become very dull, irritated, and dry despite moisturizing. I also started to break again. When I quit the Regimen, I experienced the worst break out of my life; I had severe cystic acne all over my face, it was an absolute nightmare. I think that as I got older, my skin was less able to handle the BP and once I decided to quit it, my skin freaked out
  2. Well I'm currently taking three pills a day which is the the same dosage that Tracy from love vitamin was taking; she mentions that it's fairly safe to take, I'm hoping that this is true. Like I said, I've not had any side effects so far, and I've noticed that my latest breakout is healing much more quickly. The reason why I felt DIM might help me was because I my acne seemed to be very hormonal (I break out around the time of my period and the spots appear on my jaw area and around my mouth).
  3. Hi, I've been using Estroblock for about two weeks now and have had no side effects so far. I first learned of this supplement from The Love Vitamin website; is this where you heard of it too?
  4. Hello, I was wondering if anyone could suggest any natural remedies for blackheads and whiteheads. Thankfully I am about 90% clear of inflamed acne (thanks to holistic healing). However, virtually my entire face is still extrememly congested, and I can't figure out how to get rid of all these black and whiteheads. At times, a few of them will become inflamed and turn into pimples. So far I've tried jojoba oil, Aztec clay, and egg whites but I haven't seen much improvement. Is their anything
  5. Hello! I've had a deep hard cyst under my chin area for several months now; it's not visible and has remained the same size, but it has not gone away. It never bothered me until yesterday when I began to experience pain which I thought was soreness of throat. Now I've realized that it's the cyst that is causing the pain. It hurts to chew and swallow food and it hurts to speak or make certain head movements. I would like to know if there is anything I can do holistically to get rid of it. I real
  6. Hi, I'm sorry you had to go through that, let me share my experience with you: About two or three years ago, when my mild/moderate acne was cleared thanks to the Regimen, I decided to suggest the Regimen to an acquaintance of mine who was suffering from severe acne. He thanked me for the advice and that was that, we eventually lost touch. Then, almost a year ago, The Regimen stopped working for me and started to damage my skin, so I quit it, which, in turn, led to the most horrendous break o
  7. I slowly weaned myself off it and it did no good. 1-2 months after I stopped using it completely, severe acne began returning. It's been over a year since I quit using it and have tried every natural method of healing possible. None of it worked and I still have severe acne. The reason I went off it in the first place was the aging effects. They are very real. But the acne is destroying my skin too. I don't know what to do. Oh, I'm so sorry it this didn't work for you. I thought that doing so
  8. Hi! I had a similar experience, I was on the Regimen for close to three years, and it worked very well for me for most of that time. However, towards the end of the third year, I started breaking out a little here and there, and my skin became very sensitive, dry, discolored and dull. So I quit cold turkey (I was 28 and I thought that surely by then I had outgrown it...HUGE mistake! I experienced the Worst break out of my life; The acne was very severe and covered my entire face, it was so aw
  9. Hi, I used the regimen for almost three years and it got rid of my moderate acne; however, I started breaking out a bit again towards the end of the third year and my skin became very sensitive, dry, dull, and discolored (I had dark shadows around my chin area), When I decided to quit using it, I experienced a horrific break out (a lot of people who've quit the Regimen after having been on it for an extended period have also experienced this). If you do decide to go on the Regimen and then deci
  10. Hi! Your experience seems very similar to mine. I was on the Regimen for close to three years, and it worked very well for me for most of that time. However, towards the end of the third year, I started breaking out a little here and there, and my skin became very sensitive, dry, discolored and dull. It burned like crazy every time I applied the products (including the moisturizer). So I quit cold turkey...HUGE mistake! I experienced the Worst break out of my life; The acne was very severe and
  11. Hello all, Perhaps this has been mentioned before, but I just really wanted to give a warning to those of you who have been on the Regimen (or have been using BP) for an extended time period and who have decided to quit it: Please Please Please don't quit cold turkey!!! Don't just stop using it from one day to the next because you will run the risk of experiencing a more severe breakout. Instead, slowly wean yourself off of it. For example, you can start by using it once a day for a week or
  12. Hello, I used the regimen for almost three years; I applied it faithfully every day, twice a day. It worked wonders at first, but towards the end the the third year, I started breaking out again, my skin was very dry and dull, and I also started to notice dark shadowy patches on my face (particularly around my chin area). Eventually I quit the regimen and begin treating my acne holistically with good results. After I quit, the darker areas went away and my skin tone went back to normal. Good
  13. Hi everyone! I just wanted to share a crazy experience I had at the dermatologist several years ago. I had stubborn acne that did not want to go away so I decided to go the the derm and have her check it out. I was in the exam room and when she walked in, I saw that she had an acne break out that was worse than mine!! My mouth just dropped and my mind went blank lol! After the initial shock, I felt embarrassed so I lied and told her that my main reason for going was because I was having
  14. I have lots of scarring left over from a very terrible break out I had a few months ago. I have lots of small boxcar, a few icepick, and a few rolling scars as well as loads of hyper-pigmentation marks all over my face. So while my skin has improved (I'm treating it holistically), it still looks bad due to all the scarring. I've been using MSM cream, manuka honey, and aloe vera gel; sometimes I'll use lemon juice as well. I did see improvement for the first two months, however it now seems l