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  1. Thought I would share this article - looks interesting : 'Magic' skin gun sprays stem cells on to burns victims' wounds http://dailym.ai/2phImZa
  2. You don't have any scars. Just a bit of red marks (hyper pigmentation). Read up maybe about Apple cider vinegar and a moisturiser. Sure you can find lots of things on her for naturally helping red marks.
  3. A guy called Lamar on here had a thread on here. Here is what he messaged me a year ago : When you say spontaneous scars, do you mean like in AMVC? as in scarring WITHOUT any acne causing it? if so make sure you aren't taking loads of omega 3 (usually fish oils or flaxseed are the culprit!)Dr Chu is good yes and tbh I don't think there is anyone better for acne scarring as far as I'm aware!I had a thread on acne.org called 'ok guys' or something along those lines, details what I did for my scar
  4. Brings back memories of my own experience of accutane. Not sure if you practise the following but I would recommend : - eat as clean a diet as possible. Avoid sugary foods, fried, junk etc. Maybe even dairy if you react. Lots of fruits (blueberries) and veg (Avacado). Lots of water. - sleep - try get at least 8 hours a day. - exercise - about 15 minutes a day. - keep a good state of mind, believe in yourself. Don't ever stop dreaming of how you would like your skin to look. Try not to lo
  5. Dr chi is the obvious dermatologist to visit. Im currently seeing him and he is doing Tca cross on my scars. I'm still searching for a plastic surgeon as I would like excision done. Considering visiting Dr puneet Gupta for punch. If you do find anyone please share...
  6. Did you manage to find anyone in the UK? Sure did Oh brilliant - would you mind pm the details, please? Also did you do the procedure than?
  7. Did you manage to find anyone in the UK?
  8. Thanks guys KimchiiMonsturr - does the bb cream change the colour of skin tone?
  9. try salt water (Sea Salt mixed with hot water)
  10. Mate you got enlarged pores - eat healthy, moderate exercise,
  11. Hi Guys, Going to keep to this nice and sweet - but can anyone advise on any creams, moisturisers or something of some sort that can hide acne scars, especially whilst in the sun. I am a male so something which isn't obvious would be brilliant. Thanks in advance all.
  12. Dude your skin is amazing - I would die to have skin like yours again. But honestly just eat healthy, exercise moderately and your skin will become healthier.