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  1. quick history: Ive had moderate to severe body acne since i was about 14 and am now almost 19. I used to have it bad on my face but about two years ago it just cleared up and was no longer a problem. But still had horrible body acne. I tried EVERYTHING i could think of. I changed my diet, cut out all dairy, drank plenty of water, took vitamins and tried all the acne products out there. Nothing. Finally I found out how to clear my body acne and its thanks to head and shoulders. This is what I
  2. If your looking for good complextion, use apple cider vinager (AVC). Also fish oil pills are good for the skin to look better. You can use ACV by mixing it with half water and then apply it on the skin using a cotton ball. It makes your skin smoother and makes the appearance better. And yes after a minute or two the smell of it will go away. Or you can drink it by mixing two tbs of ACV in 8oz of water in the morning and again at night. If done this and made my skin look better. For a lotion, coc