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  1. Just like to share a success story with using the regimen, it really does work to take you from severe to almost clear. Tips on anyone struggling with it: Increase BP dosage way slower than the regimen suggests to I used 10% BP because 2.5% wasn't strong enough. I also cut dairy out (mostly) Getting the right facewash and moisturiser to suit you is just as important as using BP. Cetaphil gentle face wash + 10% Quinoderm BP + Olay moisturiser (15spf, pricey but awesome) worked very wel
  2. It was BP but the most major change was when I cut all (but the occasional cheat) dairy from my diet
  3. So I used to have really bad acne which I sort of sorted out with BP (quinoderm, 10%) But now 3 weeks after stopping using it my skin is all....weird. Small red bumps and general uneven skin tone and a lot of old red marks. Any suggestions? It goes super red after showering/touching at all. This is how it looks now:
  4. I'm fairly pale, this made my skin LITERALLY dark green. A friend said it looked like I had terrible fake tan on, it was actually a perfect moisturiser & toner, but oh well.
  5. Okay, where do I buy AHA+? Sunscreen isn't much of an issue as it is never sunny here really. How does my skin look in general, anyone?
  6. Been using lymecycline 500mg once a day & BP 10% for 2 months now, skin looks like: What should I change/do? My skin doesn't seem to get better from this stage, the red marks won't fade.
  7. I know exactly how you feel, improvements are fucking awesome when they happen. Keep at it! Im using 10% BP on week 2 today, skin is a lot better also. I take antibiotics as well, but i take tetracycline not bactrim. Skin is looking a lot better man
  8. It got worse & I dropped it, started using BP (Quinoderm 10%) & Antibiotic instead - working really fast within 2 weeks, im almost 95% clear. Guess differin wasn't for me! /thread.
  9. Thankyou!! I will continue with this regimen then, just getting a bit of dry skin atm but moisturiser seems to be solving it
  10. Thankyou!! SHould I just continue with BP daily & antibiotics to fade the rest of the spots/red marks?
  11. Thanks buddy, I remember you followed my differin log, well, that went horrendously badly and the GP decided to put me on 500mg tetralysal per day, and having not taken BP since I was about 15 I decided to give it another try, looks like its working?! How is your struggle going?
  12. Im currently 1 weeks into using Quinoderm 10% and 3 weeks into using tetralysal, how am I looking? There's also 2 comparison photos from March when I was using differin (which failed ). March photos: Today photos:
    - Works extremely fast - Reduced: Breakouts, Skin redness, amount of inflamed spots, whiteheads. - REDUCED MY ACNE BY 70% WITHIN A WEEK - Super cheap - Didn't dry out my skin (my skin is very sensitive too) - Can be a tiny bit itchy/stingy - Too much in one application = red face for a few hours, but it goes after maybe 5 hours and your normal skin colour returns. This product in conjunction with Lymecycline antibiotics saved my skin, and it saved me from going on Roacc
  13. Need some advice, ive been using differin for 13 weeks now and tbh my skin is just as shit as it was to begin with, pics attatched. Overall the skin is red, bumpy & sore in some places as well as very dry after washing.