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  1. I'm so mad. I've eaten such greasy, sugary, fatty food the past week and tonight was going good, until i went on a late night bidge... and then decided to pick every pore on my face. my face is completley red and irritated, it hurts too. I can already feel a break out coming. I really want to order dans BP treatment but i still havent gotten the courage to do it im just so awkward and embarrassed....:'( help
  2. Okay so I haven't ordered it yet but im gonna get the acne.org BP tretment, but my moisturizer has salicylic acid in it and I'm wondering if that is too much and will dry out my skin?? I have more oily combination skin with moderate acne.
  3. Okay so I've been looking into the regimen on here and after researching and watching a video on youtube of this girls story with acne and how she got clear I think im just gonna order the BP treatment, I didn't want to have to ask my mom to order it online so i tried to see if there was anything pretty much the same that you can just buy at the drugstore but the only thing it seems like is the neutrogena on the spot but that comes in a tiny tube and i dont want to keep having to buy them. The p
  4. I hate it when i see girls with perfect skin it feels like im the only one with acne, all my friends have close to perfect skin and my sister too. They don't even have to try either, they sometimes sleep with the makeup on, eat fast food and sweets, and most don't even have a skin care routine! I don't understand I do everything right for my skin but it still doesn't show any improvement! I'm so frustrated! I pretty much stopped socializing i'm so self conscious about my acne and i'm too embarra
  5. To start off I've been a vegetarian for about 4 months now I haven't really seen any improvement in my skin but that's not really the reason im vegetarian in the first place, and my skin would probably be worse if i wasn't. I eat pretty healthy, a lot healthier than most my friends yet they still have perfect skin but I've been trying to eat less gluten, bread, pasta, stuff like that. Also no sweets but I have a massive sweet tooth and binge a lot so I'm thinking that having this blog will help
  6. luckandlove

    Left side close up

    This sounds just like me I'm underweight and have struggled with eating disorders for a while, but right now i've been better im a vegetarian and been eating more and gained an average of 4 pounds but i still have not had my period for 4 months now, my acne is not as severe but it has gotten worse since my eating habits and hormones have been all messed up,so you're not the only one:).
  7. luckandlove

    Soft hair Supple skin Better mood Softer skin No drastic improvement I didn't really expect for this to completely clear my acne but it has made my fluffy disaster of hair tamer and it has made my skin a bit more glowing and soft (except for the acne) I haven't been taking for long but im noticing little bumps on my cheeks are getting smaller. So over all i would recommend this to you if you have dry or combo skin with bumps or if you have fluffy fizzy hair or maybe if you just wh
  8. Good luck! I used to have a problem with trying not to pick i don't do it as much now but every time i do i always get breakouts in the area i picked at no matter how sanitary i make it, one of the tips that i learned from a beauty guru on youtube was to write on your mirror ( in dry erase marker) something like don't pick and prevent 2 new zits next week and it really helped.
  9. I have the same issue! I'm underweight and a vegetarian plus I actually like eating healthy which is weird for a 14 year old haha, but there is stuff thats high in calories but still healthy, I eat a lot of nuts and seeds and sometimes whole wheat bread, and if your skin is oily don't over wash! if its just rinsing of with water thats okay but i would try using blotting sheets instead and a gentle face wash with moisturizer day and night just make sure its oil free and non-comedogenic (won't clo