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  1. emily5


    Tazorac cream is literally the best thing to ever happen to me. I have been using it for about 4 months now and i'm thrilled with the results and I feel like a totally different person. Yes i still have a pimple or two, but I no longer have acne! I'm 18 years old and started getting acne at around age 11. I tried or years to fix it! I've tried so many different creams and pills and everything else out there. Nothing has worked for me like tazorac! along with using tazorac cream every night I tak
  2. emily5


    um i'm not sure if they are similar. I really suggest trying tazorac if possible.
  3. emily5


    thank you!
  4. emily5


    On june 25 i started using Tazorac. It is honestly the best acne cream that i have ever been given. I take Minocycline twice a day, once in the morning and once at night and at night I also apply my Tazorac cream. I have been using tazorac for about 6 weeks now and my skin is really starting to clear up! And i couldn't be more thrilled. I have had acne since the 5th grade and it has always really made me feel ugly, I always felt like a burden to look at. Tazorac is helping me feel so much better
  5. emily5

    Acne Is Awful

    I just want to be like all my friends who get a few pimples and then there fine and they do have awful scars. It sucks at sleep overs in the morning when nobody has makeup on and there skin looks alright and i'm a nasty red inflamed freak I just want clear skin, i take oral pills for acne creams and do everything i can but nothing helps! Its not fair, my birth father had awful acne and thats the only thing i ever got from him. Its genetic and its so hard to clear up!
  6. I'm so tired of looking in the mirror and wanting to cry. Its an awful feeling and i hope i'm not alone. Every time i wash my cover up off, or when i wake up, or after a shower i just want to cry my eyes out because of my acne, i always feel awful about myself. Even with cover up on i feel disgusting and i don't know how anybody looks at me, i feel like such a burden to look at. I want more than anything to have clear skin, i've had acne since 5th grade! I don't even remember what its like to n