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  1. Hello again everyone. I'm back for another round of accutane! If you guys check my earlier posts you'll see that last April I started taking 40 mg a day of Accutane for my severe acne, around August my face was conpletely clear and I stopped taking the medication at the end of September. I was acne free for 4-5 months and my scars were healing slowly. Sadly 3 weeks ago I noticed some small pimples on my skin, I also noticed that my face had started to flare up, it was an exam week full of st
  2. Hello everyone. Last April I started taking 40 mg a day of Accutane for my severe acne, around August my face was completely clear and I stopped taking the medication at the end of September. I was acne free for 4-5 months and my scars were healing slowly. Sadly 3 weeks ago I noticed some small pimples on my skin, I also noticed that my face had started to flare up, it was an exam week full of stress and no sleep. So I decided to visit my dermatologist, as he told me to visit him when if I flar
  3. @andrewbleah I have tan skin, my skin is very pale but it gets tanned very easily. I've never had a sunburn on Accutane even though I went windsurfing for a week in July, it all depends on your skin type! But when you're done with Accutane it's true that your scars heal faster. @pr1nc355 I've never heard of that. I'd like to try it but I live in Turkey so they probably don't have it, or it has a different name. I don't have many scars, just some rolling scars that are visible in good lightin
  4. I used to use Aloe Vera (probably for 2 weeks) and I think I broke out a bit. It probably was nothing but I still didn't want to risk a longer IB so I stopped. My red marks would fade faster if I wasn't on Accutane but I'm still suprized at how fast it healed! It depends on your skin type, just wash your face with water and use a moisturizer, nothing else. The less chemicals you put on your face, the faster the marks go away. But Aloe Vera is natural so it might help you, I didn't try it for
  5. I heard Accutane temporarily makes wrinkles a bit more visible, so you should use at least spf 30 moisturizer, I suggest Cetaphil or Neutrogena. And at the begging of Accutane you feel a bit dried out/tired, you get used to it. I hope you're one of the lucky ones and get results fast, good luck!
  6. Thanks guys! @andrewbleah yes, they always fade away. Even though I'm still taking Accutane my skin is recovering much faster than other people have said on the internet. Yours will fade too. I suggest you don't do anything to make them go away. For the past 3 months I've been washing my face only with water, nothing else, and I believe chemicals don't help with the healing process. Good luck! @pr1nc355 yes I hope my acne doesn't come back! Your dermatologist might not be sure about when
  7. Hey guys once again! It's been a really long time since I updated this blog so I'm sorry. 2 weeks ago my dermatologist told me I had to take Accutane for 1 more month, then I'd be done. Now I have almost 3 weeks left and I can now tell you guys that Accutane is a miracle. My face has been 100% clear for 2 months! I haven't been like this since I was 12! 4 years of torture is now gone and my red marks are 85% gone, sometimes they're not even visible and I don't really care about them tbh, t
  8. Hey guys! I'm really happy right now, my acne is still 100% clear and my red marks are fading faster than I thought! Again, I still don't have any side effects other than dry lips and lightly dry skin. Back in April when my doctor told me I have no choice except Accutane, I really was depressed. I would hide during breaks at school and only let a hand full of friends see my face entirely. No matter how much I tried not to think about it, EVERYONE would ask me what was wrong with my face. Some
  9. Hello! I can see from your username that your probably 16 years old, the worst time for acne. I haven't used the regimen (doing Accutane) but from what I read you have to do the regimen twice a day, every day. If you ask me, I wouldn't want to spend half of my day in front of the mirror. I suggest you see if it works out for you, if it does then I'd say continue until after puberty and stop later on. Good luck on your regimen!
  10. Hello. I really hope the regimine helps you. I, myself, had to use Accutane because my acne was too severe to wash it twice a day, but I would have liked to try this miracle regimen. Good luck and I hope you get good results!
  11. Hello once again! I'm pretty happy right now and I haven't had a pimple for weeks! All I can say is my only complaint is easily being cut/hurt by little things and cuts healing VERY slowly... Usually I heal really fast because I'm young but now I understand how it is to never heal for older people, very annoying! If you guys have questions please don't hesitate, ask me! See you guys later
  12. Well there are 2 that work very good, La Roche Posay "Ceralip" and Avene Cold Cream. They're both french but as a warning, they're expensive... But it is worth the money, because it usually ends in about 2 months, for me at least. Aquaphor is very good too! I use that before going to bed and smear it all over, I have the tube. But I must tell you that sometimes your lips will become flaky, you can never avoid Accutanes curse. I don't know if they have samples anywhere to try but these 2 cr
  13. No I didn't burn, I actually got a normal tan. I have olive skin and never burn, I don't think accutane changed that really, so I guess we're the lucky ones! But I always put on spf 50 just in case.
  14. ceminay

    Facing The Facts

    Sorry for double comments but if you really hate water I'd reccomend putting some lemon in it. From the reviews I've read here, lemons are great for getting rid of acne + it will make water tastier for you!
  15. ceminay

    Facing The Facts

    Well everyone has different problems that lead to acne. Most of it is hormonal while others are bad diet, dirt and sometimes dry skin. I do believe drinking plenty of water can reduce and possibly get rid of acne for some people. Water litteraly cleans your whole body, it gets rid of toxins that may cause acne and rehydrates your skin. But if you have hormonal acne or for example rosacea, water probably won't help you. I'd say do it. Even if it might not help your acne, drinking plenty of wat
  16. Hello! I actually don't have a lot to say but I just thought it would be helpful for other people on Accutane who are curious about what happens after day 100. I was pretty pissed when I couldn't find any blogs about what happens after day 100. I just had one HUGE pimple on my forehead, it was really red and had no head, it completely went away in a week (no scar or red mark left usually in my forehead anyways) but I'm glad that's over. Other than that my red marks are fading and I can actual
  17. I'm 100% sure it's genetics. For example some people have fast metabolisms and never gain weight, some people aren't as fortunate and end up gaining weight easily. Some peoples skin can prevent pimples while others breakout every day There's still no explanation about this but we all know it's genetic, it's how we are. Sucks doesn't it?
  18. Wow! That's a lot of work! I'm glad it works for you, I'm too lazy to do that every day.
  19. Hey guys! I can't believe it's week 16! WOW! Ok whatever. I went to my dermatologist last week and he was happy with the results, so he gave me a 2 month supply of Accutane (40mg like always) because I will go on a 1 month vacation to LA. He said he will probably give me another month of the drug after our appointment in September which will be 7 months in total. No problem with that. I'm not gonna lie, I broke out 2 times last week and I was pretty shocked to see pimples on week 15 but a day
  20. I don't think it matters a lot, but your dermatologist may want you to do 18 days more just in case.
  21. Oh and also before accutane I used Differin gel for 5 weeks which did a huge breakout. I thought I wouldn't get an IB on Accutane because I had already broken out a lot with Differin but I was wrong, I don't think antibiotics will make things faster.
  22. I'm sorry to hear you flared up bad. :(Yes, my red marks are healing, maybe it's because of the sun, or because I have no acne left. Let me tell you this. If you're not as lucky as those people that get results in 1-2 months, then I'll say your acne will be gone around the end of the 3rd month. I'm sure your acne will be gone or very little by the time school starts. I don't know if the antibiotics will get rid of the IB faster, sadly. I think I should have used some antibiotics too at som
  23. Hey guys! I've been a bit lazy and firgot to post fir a couple of weeks so first of all, sorry. But I have great news! I'm completely clear! I haven't had a pimple for a week and before that, I was clear for a week too! I'm really happy that the breakouts are over and my face can finally start healing, my next goal is to get rid of my horrid red marks. It's so crazy, 1 month ago I used to wake up with whiteheads all over my face trying not to pop them and hoping nobody would comment about my
  24. You're romanian right? I'm turkish! :) If you have any questions about your skin you can ask me my friend. :)

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      Do you think masturbation can affect acne?

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  25. Good luck on your course my friend, I hope you will get results fast!