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  1. Wanna Ask why is my BP so so watery compare to dan's video ? mine is like watery like.... ? is it still usable?
  2. but the pharmacies here said cethapil is more to body skin moisturiser.. they dont sell face cream here =(
  3. is AHA+ a moisturiser? do i apply large amount of it after 5 week of usage of bp? like how we apply moisturiser ? or little amt? does it make the face red? i only will be using it at night ...? pls advise.
  4. i had the same effect on me... it's been 2 weeks redness dry flaky. 2 tones with my face and neck... but dont give up... at least try out for three months
  5. okay i'll try getting the jojojba from pharmacies hope it does help thx guyys wish meluck.
  6. bout a month now.. but i'm using seriously very very little amount.. less than what it recommended.. but thankfully it does control the acne..i see improvement.. but the redness worries me.. my face and my neck it's totally 2 colours.. =( i am happy and sad at the same time... what a mixed feeling... i did not use dans moisturiser only bp. cos i live in asia and shipping cost its really pricey.. just got 2 large btl of bp that could last me a while.. just can you or anybody recommend me a really
  7. i have a super dry skin. flaky even before the regimen. so i did apply full amt of it it hurts and cause redness.. the next few days i try alittle amt and gently... the redness is the same. =( only very red on the dry skin on my face, almost the whole face.. what can i do to take a way the redness ?
  8. yeah i would try using less..butwhy ia the bp so watery? And my face its really sore and yeah am 1st week of regimen What moisturiser should i use? My skins like flaky once apply bp omg it burns a while... I can take it.. What i cant iys my redness oh ( i really hopes it works.. After all this sufferings plsssss ;(
  9. What can.i do to remove the r3dness of my skin its like monkeys ass now omg holy cow pls helppppppplp
  10. I am interested too. . Whats app me or sms me 0163338105