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  1. If you do try needling/rolling you might want to try using a copper peptide product as well. This would help rebuild your tissue and possibly result in less scarring!! Hope it works out for you!
  2. If it's any help at all salderma is very discreet, and you shouldn't be ashamed of wanting to look good for your lady!! It is pricey, however a little of this cream goes a long way. It's an investment, but if it means very much to you I highly suggest you try!
  3. Thanks for your reply caitlynnf. Unfortunately in my country I don't have copper peptide. I have heard people had some pretty significant results with it. I am currently using mederma which seems to help a bit. Thank you again I'm fairly certain the website I purchase my cream from might ship worldwide. If you are interested in trying copper you might look into it!! The site is salderma.com. Hope this is helpful!!
  4. So sorry to hear you haven't had much luck yet. You might want to try a copper peptide product. I just started using salderma copper peptide cream on my scarring and I think it's already making my skin look much better. Good luck friend!!
  5. You might want to try using a copper peptide product. I just started using a topical called salderma copper peptide cream and I honestly feel like it's already really helping even out my skin tone. Like you I also have some non-acne related scarring on my face and the peptides are supposed to help with that too! Good luck!!
  6. Has anyone had any success using copper peptide creams for scarring? I have fairly severe acne scarring as well as a nasty scar across my forehead from a childhood car accident. Thanks!!
  7. Hey all!!, Today I'm beginning a new acne regimen and I wanted to share it with everyone and see if anyone has any input!! If this regimen is succesful for me I hope that my updates might help others! I'm currently dealing with only moderate acne, but I am very fair skinned, so any blemishes are highly noticeable. Although my acne isn't terrible at the moment, I do have significant scarring from when it was much worse, as well as a very large scar across my forehead from an injury I receiv