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  1. stephie14

    Accutane 164

    Yesterday was real special. I can tell the farther I get into my course the more emotional I get FOR NO REASON. It sucks. I have never been one to cry but yesterday was kind of a bad day but nothing horrible and for some reason I just felt like crying every 5 min over stupid stuff. I got really overwhelmed about everything going on and was breaking down by the time I got home which is not like me in the least bit I am usually the tough girl that tells myself to suck it up. Im hoping to be done s
  2. stephie14

    Day 9!

    I started with cetaphil when I first began my course and I hated it I felt like it made me even more dry. I would recommend Simple its a skin care line for sensitive skin or Cerave hydrating cleanser(I also use this for my body).
  3. stephie14

    Day 163

    its not that serious my doctor actually told me I could end it last month if i wanted to but I wanted to be safe so I recieved a dosage increase for this month which i believe caused the breakout which has happend everytime I have increased my dosage
  4. stephie14

    Day 163

    Ok what the hell! I broke out randomly with two small bumps (not that noticable) and one big one on the side of my cheek! Im on my last month I didnt think this was suppose to happen anymore. I was doing so good I rarely if ever broke out and if I did it was small and now out of no where comes this guy on the side of my cheek. Completely frustrated this morning.
  5. stephie14

    Accutane Day 160

    While you are on accutane the healing process in your body slows down or pretty much shuts off thats why some people once they start accutane still have red marks left over until they get off the course also once you get off the side effects such as dry lips and dry skin start to slowly go away.
  6. stephie14

    Accutane Day 160

    So I had my doctors appointment three days ago which ended my 5th month. He gave me the opition whether I wanted to do another month or if I wanted to end it now. In my head I was screaming "Yes! end it now please, I am so ready for my skin to start healing back to normal" but then the doctor was like well if you were my daughter I would have you do another month considering your lab results are excellent and you dont want two years from now if it comes back saying "what if". This comment destr
  7. stephie14

    Accutane Day 157

    So I wish I would have done this sooner but I guess now is better than never. I am currently alternating between 80mg and 120mg a day and have one more month after this. My face status as of right now is no pimples but have red marks on cheek (sucks!) but they are lighter than what they were and I can give credit to a specific product for helping out with that. Below I am going to list the products I used while taking this medicine and some mistakes I made while on it. Face Wash: Simple Skin
  8. stephie14

    I Feel Like These Scars Are Never Going To Fade..

    I agree with kiton23 on the aloe vera gel. But I know alot of people make the mistake of not wearing sunscreen outside so I would do that EVERYDAY it will def. help with the redness also I don't know how serious you are about getting rid of them but I use a cream from DERMAGIST called acne scar removal cream it is $80 but its probably going to last me about 2 1/12 to 3 months and it has done some good things on my skin. I am currently on Accutane and that stuff makes your skin thinner and redder
  9. Eat more FIBER. Drink alot of water or green tea. This helps flush out your system and gets rid of the toxins that could be creating breakouts in the first place. Also I don't know what your budget is but I am currently on Accutane (slows down healing process of your skin, hence red marks hard to fade) and I am using a product by Dermagist. You can get Acne scar remover (what I am using and its awesome) or the skin brightener kit (havent tried but looks promising). I know the Acne Scar Removal C
  10. Only have one more month on Accutane if anyone is interested in any products i've researched just about all of them or have questions about accutane please feel free to ask!!

    1. stephie14

      Accutane Day 157

      Face Wash and Mosterizer are from SIMPLE SKIN CARE(Walmart) Toner is DICKINSON'S WITCH HAZEL (Kroger, Walmart, Walgreens) Makeup and serum BARE ESSENTUAL (online, sephora) red marks DERMAGIST (online)
    2. stephie14

      So Confused! Why Is My Acne Coming Back!?

      I know exactly how you feel because I have completely cut out sugar and dairy. Try eating more FIber. Raspberries are extremely high in fiber. There is more foods out there you can look up or you could always take a fiber supplement. Also try to stick to a routine, this is key you have to let your face get comfortable to the product. I use simple skin care line and neutrogenia fight and fade which works really good.Also a good note on fash face. If you have oily skin use a gel wash!!
    3. So I am currently on Accutane Day 13 and the first week my skin was completely dry. I tryed using cetaphil but it did nothing but dry me out even more. So I purchased the new "Simple" skin care line and it is AMAZING! My skin has not broke out from using the product and between the face wash and moisturizer it is kicking accutane's side effect to the curb, thank god!