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  1. Yeah... its just the Tane working. I will go away in a bit either during or after you finish your course. I got pretty flush a few times while I was taking it also. No biggie. If people asked I just said it was sunburn
  2. Most Anti Bios I have taken have had labels on the bottle that said ... " do not take with dairy " so.......
  3. Half life for Accutane is about 21 hours. I wouldn't advise a week as a good thing. Might cause set backs
  4. When did they start making guys do the I Pledge system in the States? Is your GP sure you have to do it to get ur P/x?
  5. Extreme stress or hormones can or will cause anyone to break out. Also .. just like anything in life. If you take or use something long enough, your body will start building tolerances to it. You haven't touched liquor for a month chances are your going to get a buzz after your first 6 pac of beer You drink a 6 pac of beer every weekend... you notice on the 5 weekend... its takes a dozen beer to get you buzzed instead of the usual 6 your used too.
  6. Dont threat! Its not unnormal for people to need a second or even third dose. There are also people that simply take it for the rest of their life in the from of low dose maintenance. like .. 40 Mg every Monday to keep things in check. I finished my Tane almost a year ago and yep... I got a few back on my my back but nothing like how it was before I started taking Tane for the first time. My GP says he will give me another round if I want it and I'm definitely contemplating it.
  7. Accutane is just like any other drug on the market. Every drug has cautionary tales. People react to them in different ways. Just like Aspirin. We have all been told Aspirin is safe to take. Even on a regular basis. Yet ... a good friend of mine actually just passed away while taking it. When they completed the autopsy, the results came back that the Aspirin caused multiple clots to form in his lungs and killed him. Death from an over the counter pain killer??? Who knew?? You can kind of loo
  8. I would do what your Derma thinks is best. If your Derma thinks you should run another month... and you have done 4 or 5 already... then seriously.. whats 1 more?
  9. Your drying up ... lol.. welcome to Accutane. I had them come out of my back from time to time. Its nothing to worry about. Remember poking that last pimple? All the goop that came out of the pimple when you poked it? All that dry clump is, is all that white goop that dried out from the Tane and now your skin is forcing it out just like when you get a sliver. You skin is pushing all the dead bacteria out and clearing your pores. don't worry, all good.
  10. While on Accutane, get an Accutane survival kit! It is crucial. Items include: Aquapher. It comes in a tube like toothpaste does. Use on lips at all times to help prevent cracking and chapping. Aveda Lip saver with SPF 15 is also a good product but a little pricey. Lip chap and balms will not work. A mild moisturizer ( what ever bottle brand ) and a thick moisturizer like Nivea that comes in the blue jars as your going to start peeling a lot. You might be tempted to exfoliate but don't. It can m
  11. What people don't seem to get and their doctor doesn't tell them is that you need to pound back water while on Tane. Its a must! More then the recommended 8 glasses a day. Accutane dries you from the inside out but also robs you of joint and cerebral fluids. You must replenish these fluids. Basic rule is .. if you pee yellow on Accutane .. your not drinking enough. If you pee clear .. your doing ok. If you don't replenish these fluids it leads to serious joint pain and headaches until you
  12. What is your dose? Everyone reacts to Tane differently but a lot of people including myself saw results at about the second month, then drastic results at about the third month. Again... a lot is going to do with how much your taking and how your body responds to it.
  13. I did a full treatment last year at 80 mg. I finished my P/x almost a year ago and since then .. I have never noticed any abnormal bruising on me.
  14. TY! I don't wash with soap on my face ever. Its water only and pat dry. That's it! As for my body, I get very self concious being in public knowing I have a bit of "the funk" going on and wash with something lightly scented and moisture enriched ie Cetifill (spelling) epically now being on Accutane and constantly peeling. As for camping, Im looking for something natural so 1, I don't kill the fish and 2, to wash last days camp fire and "funk" from my body before I present my self in public. No
  15. Day 125 Take my last pill from my prescription tonight. Start my last box of Tane tomorrow. Not much has changed, Eyes, nose, lips, arms, face, and hands still dry. I'm actually finding I'm getting a little more oilily then im used to on Accutane but I think its just because its getting warmer out side. Spent a good deal of time out side today and im a little crispy despite using SPF 50 I was surprised because I don't usually burn at all. Starting tomorrow,1 pack to go.