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    Self disgust is self obsession honey, and I'll do as I please.
  1. I have been using water also for the past week and a half on Roaccutane. I only fear coming off it and then having to wash my face, and wash off my make-up with something that may break me out. Cool. My understanding of accutane (and I am by no means a scientist, scientifically minded or even slightly intelligent) is that it shrinks you pores and reduces sebum production, which in turn makes you less prone to breaking out (and in some cases stops it completely). Hopefully, post accutane, breaki
  2. I have been using water also for the past week and a half on Roaccutane. I only fear coming off it and then having to wash my face, and wash off my make-up with something that may break me out.
  3. What face wash would you recommend for the shower? Does anybody else here just use water? I'm thinking perhaps it may be bad just to use water alone as the face can't be being cleaned properly, right? Any product I use on the skin only breaks me out and am just wondering if there is a face wash favoured by Roaccutane users?
  4. Thanks for this. Really appreciate it. I am ashamed to say I came off the Accutane, only because I have a wedding in two weeks time. Straight after that, I'll be back on it and take heed of all your advice. Many thanks. x
  5. I'm on day four and my skin is awful! I do agree about constant events in one's life, but one's where you have to be photographed (weddings) it's a different kind of affair... I feel so low at the moment that I haven't left my bedroom for three days.
  6. How are things going? Any updates for us? I'm on day 4 and already feel like I have to quit. I have three big events on in the next month as I can't afford to let it get worse at the moment. Do you think perhaps it may be of use for you to stop and start taking them before the summer break? At least then you could spend two months in hiding? I'm assuming you're still in school... you look pretty young.
  7. I am four days in on my Accutane, but have three big events coming up next month (including being a bridesmaid at my sisters wedding) - does anybody here think I should discontinue the Accutane until these events are over? I have heard the first three months are the hardest... any advice would be gratefully received. Thanks.
  8. Indigo. I'm on my third day of Accutane. I'm suffering from severe dry eye (doesn't help being a contact lens wearer) and have a cystic breakout all over my lower jawline. Whilst I know everybody is different, I'm just wondering if you knew, would it be damaging to come off Accutance only after three days? I've read so many horror stories and I don't feel I can take the chance. I'm 23 year old and my skin is already very thin, hell, sometimes I get mistaken for being in my thirties, I just can't
  9. Am I the only one who can't leave the house without popping them? I know it's bad and apparently it spreads the germs but I try to cleanse the area afterwards. Does anybody do similar? I just can't bare to think of other people looking at my zits, being grossed out and wanting to pop them....
  10. I was just wondering if anybody here has a similar problem when it comes to ACCUTANE and wearing make-up? I've been on it for three days now and my skin is flaking like a snow storm. I also have pustular acne which looks horrible and is hard to cover. Apparently this is going to get a lot worse... Does anybody here have the same problem and what do they do about it? Thanks.
  11. Hi there, I'm 23 and this is the first time I've ever posted on a forum... NOOB indeed... I am on day 3 of my ACCUTANE and have become addicted to reading the horror stories on the net - particularly the 'it gets a lot worse before it gets better' types. I was just wondering, how do people cope with their daily lives when they're looking a certain way? Peeling badly, acne at its peak, etc? I'm currently in university and am dreading showing my face for the last few months