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  1. I go to that site all the time and I am on Accutane. You see, with medications, if even ONE person suffers an adverse side-effect, they have to document it and while also labeling. The people from that site represent 20-30 of millions that take it. Sure, some of that bad stuff could happen but for all they know, it could be because they did something else in coordination while taking accutane. They claim that they are having all of these side-effects 10 years later after being on the drug. The s
  2. You aren't suppose to moisturize your face at all while on accutane. The purpose of accutane is to shrink the glands and let the skin flake. If you moisturize and the flaking process slows or haults, you will see mild after-effects.
  3. I am 18 years old, but I will be 19 in July. I only started to get acne since around December so when it hit me, I was really self-concious. For when I broke out, I went from having red marks and 1-3 white heads to 20+ white heads, my first ever cyst and those other type of pus filled things deeper in the skin but you still can see. This all happened the first week going on accutane. If you do not pick at any of them, they will dry up and sometimes flake away within a few days. The one cyst that
  4. I am almost into my 4th week of being on accutane. Let me tell you one thing, the initial breakout will be like you have never seen before. I went from barely moderate acne to looking like I am pizza with ALL the toppings. I can only now start to wash my face again because before it was so bad that if I did anything, all the scabs would fall off. Last thing I want is a face full of scars. Once the initial breakout is over, clear sailing from there. My face is clearly quite nicely and if I use sc
  5. I would really like to see how they work with each scar or the different types of procedures. When I read about most of them, I sometimes have a hard time imagining how it all works. But, if they had a real person, being taped having the procedure done, that would provide so much confidence.
  6. I am on day 12 and have dry lips now. They are cracking a little when I really smile, with mild pain. Mostly just annoying for the most part. It is really wierd because never in my life have I had chapped lips. I have never once used chapstick in my life. Anyways, lets see how long I can go without having to use some. Oh, I had my first bleeding nose today. It was probably due to the fact I had an unreachable booger that needed the help of my pinky.
  7. You are going to love accutane. I am on my 10th day and had my nice little initial breakout. I had moderate acne and now my face is a pile of pus, but guess what, I don't even care. When I woke up today and saw what had become of my face, I laughed because I knew it was an easy battle from this point on. Once you get past the initial breakout, it is clear sailing from there. Good luck with accutane and don't listen to all the horror stories some people say. They are a small group of hundreds of
  8. I am on accutane now for moderate acne. Anyways, when the doctor first presribed it to me, he said I had a little shine to my face (i.e. scarring). Nothing much though. I am wondering what this will leave on my face for the future. I have no indents or anything, just red bumps. When these bumps go away, will they leave an indent or what? Thanks for your help.
  9. Okay, I have been on this drug for a week and my sex drive went from little to A LOT. This has to be the worst time to not have a girlfriend because I went from needing to masturbate sometimes once a day, to 8-10. Yes, you heard that correctly: 8-10. This side effect better not last after I am done with treatment because there is no way any girl could keep up with me. Ugh, anyone else have this problem, now or then?
  10. I just started Accutane on Thursday, 3rd of April. I am doing 40mg one day, then 80 the next. I took my one pill on friday then woke up with my huge breakout. Before going on accutane I had moderate acne. Well, I woke up with 20+ little white heads, 4 huge ones and another that I was scared might have turned into a cyst. It never did, but it is so hard to not pop them. I managed to hold off popping the largest one for 2 days and to my luck, it is almost gone. Here is my question: does this me