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  1. I feel your pain and Im sorry to hear about what you are going through, You are not alone ! Im in pretty much the same boat right now but have decided to go ahead and do Accutane. I have been on spiro 100mg for about 10 months now. Sometimes my face is cyst free but most days its not. it has helped with oil, Slightly. but the problem with Spiro is it only Blocks the receptors. if you miss a dose or take it late...be prepared for an eruption. Thats why i decided to go ahead with the very scary Ac
  2. I am sorry to hear about your bad experience I know all too well how bad it sucks. I am actually starting back on birth control tonight after being off of it for almost a year. I quit because I too, did not want to be on it long term. After 7 years of using it to control my horrible periods I didn't think it would be am issue. I have Never had an issue with my skin. One or two rAndom pimples but nothing I couldn't handle. After going off of birth control my face went nuts. Every pore became clo
  3. I have the same problem as you. I have tried many cleansers and many moisturizers and still haven't found an awesome moisturizer . My estetichian recommended an all natural cleanser that I'm really liking so far ( 3 months of use) its called Dr. Woods shea vision pure black soap. It's a liquid and you can get a 32ounce bottle on vitacost.com for around $8. For reference I have oil skin that also gets dry and is very sensitive. Annoying combination!!! I have open and closed comedones on almost ev
  4. Rosehip seed oil & bha helped my pih tremendously . They have a rosehip & hibiscus serum @ [Removed] that I use. I get my bha from Paula's choice... I use the 2% bha gel. Hope this helps!
  5. I really like Paula's choice 2% bha gel. It's fragrance and paraben free. I got it for closed comedones that were underneath the skin and it is slowly bringing them to the surface as it sloughs off the top layer of skin. An added bonus is it has removed 90% of my red acne marks! It will take time, just like any other bha or aha.
  6. good to hear!! i had my testosterone, estrogen and dhea levels specifically tested because i suspected a hormonal imbalance, thats how they discovered the PCOS
  7. yes ive had that happen. i try to use too many things at once sometimes and my face gets really dry and feels like what you are describing. maybe just use the ACV or SA until it gets better and keep moisturizing with an oil-free moisturizer. that always helps me. also, im now taking spironolactone for my hormonal acne...& after going for my annual lab tests i discovered that i have PCOS so it is a treatment option for that as well. i dont really like to take medications but its something i h
  8. ive used apple cider vinegar multiple times with great results! although it doesnt help with hormonal acne , which is what i have now.
  9. Thats awesome! im on my 6th week, went through the horrible initial outbreak (crossing my fingers its over) and all of those cysts are now healing. i cant wait to see what i look like in a few more months!!! cl1234- i had VERY oily skin and it is definitely helping with my oil. i used to have to use blotting sheets everyday multiple times but after the 3rd week it started getting much better. now i dont use them at all...maybe once or twice a week if its really humid out. My face is actually