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  1. Good luck with the dosage increase! I'm on 60 mg now and almost on my 3rd week...not noticing any improvement yet just dryness everywhere ...good luck to u ! Hope this works for us both!!
  2. Omg my lip corners are sooo dry and cracking! I apply lip balm or aquaphor religiously!! I can't stop rubbing my lips together tho! I'm at the end of week 2...I feel like the blackheads on my nose are coming out too it's really weird...I havent tried to extract them..tho I too popped 3 pimples that showed up on my right cheek and boy do I regret it!! What can we do to stop picking !? Ugh....anyhow...good luck on ur journey!! My only advice is to moisturize the heck out of ur entire body!! I'm no
  3. My headaches stopped after the first week...i hope yours will too! I'm on day 16 and I still don't see any results..I actually have a few new pimples forming but no cysts like before...don't be discouraged it takes time for the medicine to kick in...I'm trying to stay positive too
  4. Yeah thankfully I haven't had cracking lips either...aquaphor is a Miracle!!!! I'm not sure if I'm having an initial break out...I hve a few pimples but that's pretty normal for me...I stuck with my acne regimen I was using for the past 2 months that has really helped and I'm hoping will avoid the breakout I hear so many people getting...when did u get yours ? I'm on week 2 as of tomorrow and so far just dry lips, eyes, arms and legs and really up and down moods...I have been a little depressed
  5. Wow...I am seriously applying aquaphor and Chapstick every 10-15 minutes...it's crazy...still no excessive drying elsewhere though and I'm still using BP. Only other side effects now are fatigue and memory/focus loss...I literally forget what I'm talking about mid-sentence sometimes it's pretty annoying...and waking up in the morning is harder than ever! I have what seems like a cyst lingering near my nose but it hasn't quite formed..hoping it will stay down...and yesterday I ate Indian curry an
  6. 5117

    Um..hair Loss?

    Ask your derm before you stop...it takes too long for the meds to kick in to waste it...plus its prob not good for your skin to go on and off meds like that...
  7. 5117

    So Depressed Today

    I know how you feel girl...i HATE taking my makeup off...i wait till my boyfriend goes to sleep to wash my face and get up before him to fix it...talk about depressing! What are you doing for your acne? Do you have cystic or just whiteheads or what?
  8. 5117

    Week 21? 22?

    You have to wait 6months post-tane but a couple years ago I had amazing skin post-acne and I achieved that through a medical spa...I did laser genesis and acid peels for uneven skin tone (pih) and fraxel for scarring...helped get rid of 80-90% of what my bad cystic acne had left behind....now that my problem is back I'm on accutane (first time ever) and will do the medi-spa again when Im done.:.total cost around $2500 over a 1year period...also try hydroquinone for the skin tone (it kinda bleach
  9. Based on your pics we have similar acne..I'm also on accutane this is my 9th day...I'm going to watch your blog to "compare" I'm still using BP face wash since I have been on it for almost a year but if my skin starts to dry out too much Ill make the switch to your recommendation...I have pix too but I think theyre marked so only "friends" can see them...I'm shy lol...anyhow good luck! Look forward to seeing your progress!
  10. I forgot to wash my face last night...passed out exhausted..and woke up at 6 am with a giant whitehead on my upper lip...darn. Still no cysts so thankful for that...my lips are crazy dry..face is still greasier than normal but I think that's because I lather on the moisturizer and SPF...anyway I woke up this morning with a freaking yeast infection!! Wtf!? I've never had one of those in my life so I'm pretty much blaming it on the accutane...googled some OTC meds so I'm going to get some now...yu
  11. 5117

    Day 8

    So I woke up this morning and my lips were peeling! I put aquaphor on them before bed last night too...guess that's a sign the meds are kicking in...Ive had to apply Chapstick more frequently since yesterday other than that nothing new to report. No new active zits and the pih has gone down on my right cheek slightly....will post 1 week pics later after work...have a great day everyone!
  12. 5117

    Day 32 On Accutane

    I have alot of Post Inflammitory too...Im only on day 6 of accutane but I notice my PIH getting redder? My dr said it takes time to heal (maybe 2-3 months) and be thankful if its just blotchy and red becuase it will go away....the scars are those deep crater things...I have a couple of those I plan to get lasered after treatment...Anyhow I just wanted to give you an idea and maybe some hope for your skin after accutane..6 months after treatment you can begin having peels/laser on your face again
  13. Try cutting salt...any foods that contain high amounts of iodide actually...My esth. highly recommends it if you are going to alter your diet (i personally cant do it...not enough will power yet). One of the biggest culprits is seaweed...so if you eat alot of sushi better stick to sashimi, seaweed has incredible amounts of iodide in it...Just a tip if the dairy thing isnt working....good luck!
  14. Wait...why cant you eat pizza on claravis??? (Sets my pizza slice down) .....this is the first Ive heard...
  15. 5117

    Makeup Remover

    I wash my face 3 times at night...then use a toner to remove the excess...that gets it all off...and I wear liquid foundation and bare minerals foundation on top...
  16. I heard Clarisonic is bad for acne...google it...I was thinking about getting one and decided not to bc of the reviews...What antibiotics are you going on? I have a list of ingredients in makeup and cleansers that clog pores (even if they say they dont, if they have these ingredients they do!) I got rid of my makeup and got Loreal Infalliable (which is alot cheaper and actually covers better than my Too Faced foundation) and my skin is already showing slight improvement...To me-every little t
  17. BTW...my skincare regimen: My derm said its ok to stay on BP for now, just monitor my skin so Im sticking with the regimen my esthitician gave me just going a little less agressive than before the accutane... Morning 2.5% BP wash Soothing Hydrating Toner Mandelic Acid (exfoliator/inflammation reducer) every other day Hydrating emulsion (super-gel moisturizer) Broad spectrum UV sunscreen SPF 30 Evening 2.5% BP wash Soothing Hydrating Toner Hydrating Emulsion 10% BP Spot treatment for cysts o
  18. So not much to report today...I woke up in a great mood this morning...not groggy like yesterday so that is a plus....I started taking probiotics today (pharm. said was ok) to support a healthy colon...Im really paranoid about IB and colitis since it runs in my family...so I figure it wont hurt to take the supplements...plus they were recommended by my esthetician for acne anyway...the brand is Source Naturals - Life Flora, in case anyone is interested... So now I am on 60 mg of Claravis, 30m
  19. I just started Isotretoin 3 days ago...but before that I was seeing an esthetician twice a month for mild peels/extractions and under their regimen which helped me drastically (literally when nothing else did) I would continue it but I know my skin, and that accutane is the only thing that will have long term effects on my skin so Im going on this for a while...if the side effects get too bad Ill go back to the esthetician but heres some info: Face Reality Acne Clinic (they also help long distan
  20. Ok...so I finally took the plunge to go on Isotretoin...accutane...whatever you want to call it. I am a 24 year old white female and have been suffering from severe cystic acne for almost 10 years. I have tried laser genesis, IPL, fraxel, Benzoyl Peroxide, sulfur, Retin-A, Doxycycline and other antibiotics..My skin laughed at proactive and other OTC treatments...ANYHOW...In December of 2011 my acne went crazier than ever so I decided it's time to break out the big guns....Finally got approval fr