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  1. What about the blue light? Still using it? Was it a spa treatment or hand held you were using? I have a lightstim blue led for home that works amazing but stopped using it when I started accutane bc it said not to use led on tane...now I'm curios...I' miss that thing !

  2. I'm on BP 10% too..I wash my face with BP 2.5 and then use a gel moisturizer under the BP 10 at night...if I get a big pimple I spot it on in the morning too...just make sure to double up on the moisturizer and u should be fine...my derm said BP is tolerable if you moisturize very well....it's a bit $$$ but I recommend Face Reality Acne Clinic's "hydrating emulsion" it's amazing (think around $22)

  3. I have heard of them...is it spiro? There's a girl on here writing a blog about her treatment on them..I'm excited to know if they work...I'm on accutane now (3rd week) and from reading ppls blogs I'm a little discouraged...I'm hoping this cures my acne for good but now I'm not so sure if that's the case...keep us updated if u get those pills!

  4. Omg my lip corners are sooo dry and cracking! I apply lip balm or aquaphor religiously!! I can't stop rubbing my lips together tho! I'm at the end of week 2...I feel like the blackheads on my nose are coming out too it's really weird...I havent tried to extract them..tho I too popped 3 pimples that showed up on my right cheek and boy do I regret it!! What can we do to stop picking !? Ugh....anyhow...good luck on ur journey!! My only advice is to moisturize the heck out of ur entire body!! I'm noticing little dry patches so lotion has become my BFF....

  5. Yeah thankfully I haven't had cracking lips either...aquaphor is a

    Miracle!!!! I'm not sure if I'm having an initial break out...I hve a few pimples but that's pretty normal for me...I stuck with my acne regimen I was using for the past 2 months that has really helped and I'm hoping will avoid the breakout I hear so many people getting...when did u get yours ? I'm on week 2 as of tomorrow and so far just dry lips, eyes, arms and legs and really up and down moods...I have been a little depressed but I'm also on high estrogen birth control which prob contributes to the mood swings...I wish there was something to help with that!! Maybe aroma therapy lol...or a happy pill??? :P I drank 4 beers on Saturday night and was nauseous all Sunday...no fun.

  6. I know how you feel girl...i HATE taking my makeup off...i wait till my boyfriend goes to sleep to wash my face and get up before him to fix it...talk about depressing! What are you doing for your acne? Do you have cystic or just whiteheads or what?

  7. You have to wait 6months post-tane but a couple years ago I had amazing skin post-acne and I achieved that through a medical spa...I did laser genesis and acid peels for uneven skin tone (pih) and fraxel for scarring...helped get rid of 80-90% of what my bad cystic acne had left behind....now that my problem is back I'm on accutane (first time ever) and will do the medi-spa again when Im done.:.total cost around $2500 over a 1year period...also try hydroquinone for the skin tone (it kinda bleaches your skin I guess...) your derm may be able to prescribe it or u can get from the med spa...good luck!

  8. Based on your pics we have similar acne..I'm also on accutane this is my 9th day...I'm going to watch your blog to "compare" :)

    I'm still using BP face wash since I have been on it for almost a year but if my skin starts to dry out too much Ill make the switch to your recommendation...I have pix too but I think theyre marked so only "friends" can see them...I'm shy lol...anyhow good luck! Look forward to seeing your progress!

  9. I have alot of Post Inflammitory too...Im only on day 6 of accutane but I notice my PIH getting redder? My dr said it takes time to heal (maybe 2-3 months) and be thankful if its just blotchy and red becuase it will go away....the scars are those deep crater things...I have a couple of those I plan to get lasered after treatment...Anyhow I just wanted to give you an idea and maybe some hope for your skin after accutane..6 months after treatment you can begin having peels/laser on your face again and there are 2 treatments I did in the past that got rid of 90% of my PIH and scarring (only prob is my acne came back 2 yrs later but that was from the depo shot) anywaays...Laser Genesis and Fraxel...the series treatments will cost you around $2k (maybe more maybe less) but I swear to you its worth it! Good luck!

  10. Try cutting salt...any foods that contain high amounts of iodide actually...My esth. highly recommends it if you are going to alter your diet (i personally cant do it...not enough will power yet). One of the biggest culprits is seaweed...so if you eat alot of sushi better stick to sashimi, seaweed has incredible amounts of iodide in it...Just a tip if the dairy thing isnt working....good luck!