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  1. 5117
    I forgot to wash my face last night...passed out exhausted..and woke up at 6 am with a giant whitehead on my upper lip...darn. Still no cysts so thankful for that...my lips are crazy dry..face is still greasier than normal but I think that's because I lather on the moisturizer and SPF...anyway I woke up this morning with a freaking yeast infection!! Wtf!? I've never had one of those in my life so I'm pretty much blaming it on the accutane...googled some OTC meds so I'm going to get some now...yuck. Has to be the worst side effect yet...besides the loss of appetite and exhaustion...
  2. 5117
    WOW...What a hassle I went through to get my first refill! The pharmacy didnt order my refill (nor did they have it on hand) and it was over the holiday weekend so it EXPIRED and I had to jump through so many hoops to get it refilled! DO NOT WAIT MORE THAN 7 DAYS TO PICK UP YOUR ACCUTANE! Its a nightmare...I was without my meds for almost a week...anyhow back up and running and excited to say my skin is clearing up quite well...No crazy side effects....dry lips, blurry vision every now and then, and some muscle aches when I over-do cleaning or gym...My blood tests came back normal, so that was very exciting Here are some progress pics. This is from a week or so before I started Claravis until today....dun dun dun....alot of PIH and some scarring, cant wait to finish the meds so I can get some laser therapy for my scars and PIH...all Ive ever wanted is clear skin...I see the light at the end of the tunnel )
  3. 5117
    Monday and Tuesday were pretty scary days for me...I guess I got a bit "backed up" somehow (no diet changes so maybe from the accutane?) and I was in the WORST pain..I almost threw up it hurt so bad..so I went to the pharm and got some lax and fiber (Metamucil) supplements..all good now but I'm going to add the fiber to my daily routine just to be safe...I also picked up some high quality fish oil supps for about $24 at the acne clinic so I'm going to start those tomorrow...so now I'm on 60mg claravis(accutane) zinc, probiotics, fish oil, fiber, vitamin c and birth control of course...holy pills!
    Skin on face not too dry..keeping it very moisturized with cranberry cream and SPF during the day and hydrating emulsion gel at night..lips crazy dry-applying coconut oil Chapstick and aquaphor religiously and legs and arms have patches of dry skin (eczema?) I've been treating with pharmaceutical grade coconut oil and body butter nightly....my joints feel a little stiff/achy but nothing too bad...

    Went for my monthly blood and p-test this morning...crossing my fingers everything goes well...first follow up appt for my second pack of pills is tuesday..dun dun dun!!! Until then...
  4. 5117
    I just made the album public so everyone can see...no more hiding lol...its still pretty bad esp. the PIH but going in the right direction....The photos I posted are side-by-sides of day 1 to today. Not bad for three weeks...can't wait for it to get better though...Oh and bear with me! I took the pics right when I woke up lol so excuse the sleepy face
  5. 5117
    So I have about 4 inflamed pimples on my right cheek..thankfully they aren't crazy huge and deep like usual but they aren't little either....not sure if this is the IB or not seeing as how I usually have acne but right when I started the accutane most of my active cysts and pimples were healing...I have so much PIH it looks worse than it probably is...current side effects include dry lips (cracking in right corner) flaky scalp, dry eyes and nose and dry patches on arms and legs...I have been using organic body oil and body butter almost every night before bed so that is helping...and continuing the aquaphor on my lips every 30 mins or so..can't stop rubbing my lips together though! Oh well...I go for my blood work next Thursday..crossing my fingers for that..then off to so-cal for a camping trip with my boyfriend...were riding his motorcycle down there so I gotta make sure to lather on the SPF....I'm getting a little discouraged about this medication from reading other blogs who are father out than I am and still breaking out..I thought this was the miracle drug? I hope it is for me...I'm taking this huge medical risk with my family history to clear my acne and I'm gonna be pissed if it doesn't work.
    Until next time....
  6. 5117
    Wow...I am seriously applying aquaphor and Chapstick every 10-15 minutes...it's crazy...still no excessive drying elsewhere though and I'm still using BP. Only other side effects now are fatigue and memory/focus loss...I literally forget what I'm talking about mid-sentence sometimes it's pretty annoying...and waking up in the morning is harder than ever! I have what seems like a cyst lingering near my nose but it hasn't quite formed..hoping it will stay down...and yesterday I ate Indian curry and by 7 pm I had a big whitehead on my cheek...at least it's not a cyst though...I'm downloading a photo collage app so I can take side by side pix of my before and after progress shots which I'll upload to the blog...Oh and I drank 1/2 bottle wine last night and felt fine...still keeping the drinking light for my liver sake though..
  7. 5117
    So I woke up this morning and my lips were peeling! I put aquaphor on them before bed last night too...guess that's a sign the meds are kicking in...Ive had to apply Chapstick more frequently since yesterday other than that nothing new to report. No new active zits and the pih has gone down on my right cheek slightly....will post 1 week pics later after work...have a great day everyone!
  8. 5117
    So not much to report today...I woke up in a great mood this morning...not groggy like yesterday so that is a plus....I started taking probiotics today (pharm. said was ok) to support a healthy colon...Im really paranoid about IB and colitis since it runs in my family...so I figure it wont hurt to take the supplements...plus they were recommended by my esthetician for acne anyway...the brand is Source Naturals - Life Flora, in case anyone is interested...

    So now I am on 60 mg of Claravis, 30mg Zinc (Source Naturals - OptiZinc), Life Flora probiotic supp. (1pill 3x/day for a week then 1pill/day) and of course my Oral Contraceptives (Sprintec)....wooohooo Im a pill poppin fool....

    The eye twitch went away and came back for a second and is gone again...and I have a minor lingering headache...then again I am a bank manager so at the end of the day a headache is expected...not too worry...I have been layering the Aquaphor and/or Nivea Kiss of Moisture on my lips all day...I use the Aquaphor at home and the Nivea on the go so no lip cracking or irritation yet...and today my skin seemed oilier than usual...but no new zits to report...I have one active cyst on my left cheekbone and a few healing on the right...some little weazle zits elsewhere but Im not too concerned about those at this point...That's all for today....I'll check back in when something changes!!!
  9. 5117
    Ok...so I finally took the plunge to go on Isotretoin...accutane...whatever you want to call it. I am a 24 year old white female and have been suffering from severe cystic acne for almost 10 years. I have tried laser genesis, IPL, fraxel, Benzoyl Peroxide, sulfur, Retin-A, Doxycycline and other antibiotics..My skin laughed at proactive and other OTC treatments...ANYHOW...In December of 2011 my acne went crazier than ever so I decided it's time to break out the big guns....Finally got approval from my derm at Kaiser for Isotretoin last month. Did my blood tests and got on the pill (Im on Sprintec) and 3 days ago got my Claravis! (I have HMO insurance so it cost me over $300!) So I take 20mg in the morning and 40mg in the evening. I am also taking 30mg of zinc every morning as recommended by my esthetician before I started this medication (pharm said its ok).

    What I've noticed so far:
    Yesterday around 3:00 I started feeling a headache coming on...which lingered all night...I cooked dinner and fell asleep with the headache around 8:30....and this morning it was soooo hard to wake up!!! I actually skipped work today it was so hard to wake up...hopefully my body will adjust quick because THAT is unacceptable...

    Also...since yesterday under my eye has been twitching non-stop...its not bugging me but I can see it moving when I look in the mirror...strange.

    And I'm peeing alot today...It's 2:00 PM and I've already gone 5-6 times...I was reading that my blood sugar levels may be high from the meds so I will work on eating better while Im on these meds at least to prevent the high glucose levels....

    Now for the scary part...I'm going to post pictures of my face from DAY 1 (the day I got my meds) and I will post pictures of my progress every week or two. Please be gentle, I know my face is scary without makeup. Hopefully not for long!