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  1. I started getting dry skin after about two weeks I think...I'm done with my treatment now I was supposed to go another month but I am tired of taking the medication I am happy with the results I have and in 6 months I will get laser resurfacing to fade my scars...I'll post pics in a bit if u wanna check em out
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    Pictures before, during, and after Claravis (Accutane)
  3. WOW...What a hassle I went through to get my first refill! The pharmacy didnt order my refill (nor did they have it on hand) and it was over the holiday weekend so it EXPIRED and I had to jump through so many hoops to get it refilled! DO NOT WAIT MORE THAN 7 DAYS TO PICK UP YOUR ACCUTANE! Its a nightmare...I was without my meds for almost a week...anyhow back up and running and excited to say my skin is clearing up quite well...No crazy side effects....dry lips, blurry vision every now and then,
  4. Ever tried cortison shots? They hurt a little but they get rid of those big nasty cysts in 1-2 days...most dermatologist offices do em....
  5. That's what I heard too...3-months..I'm on accutane (claravis) at the end of my 1st month..nothing too crazy yet but dry dry dry lol..good luck on your journey..I look forward to your progress!
  6. Monday and Tuesday were pretty scary days for me...I guess I got a bit "backed up" somehow (no diet changes so maybe from the accutane?) and I was in the WORST pain..I almost threw up it hurt so bad..so I went to the pharm and got some lax and fiber (Metamucil) supplements..all good now but I'm going to add the fiber to my daily routine just to be safe...I also picked up some high quality fish oil supps for about $24 at the acne clinic so I'm going to start those tomorrow...so now I'm on 60mg cl
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    Update For May

    Isotretoin gel?? I didn't even know that existed...you seem to have it down! Good for you
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    What about the blue light? Still using it? Was it a spa treatment or hand held you were using? I have a lightstim blue led for home that works amazing but stopped using it when I started accutane bc it said not to use led on tane...now I'm curios...I' miss that thing !
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    Day 44?

    I'm on BP 10% too..I wash my face with BP 2.5 and then use a gel moisturizer under the BP 10 at night...if I get a big pimple I spot it on in the morning too...just make sure to double up on the moisturizer and u should be fine...my derm said BP is tolerable if you moisturize very well....it's a bit $$$ but I recommend Face Reality Acne Clinic's "hydrating emulsion" it's amazing (think around $22)
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    Month 4

    Good luck! I'm about to finish month one...do u post before and after pics?
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    Week 15

    Also...may I ask what IBS symptoms ur having? I'm kinda.."backed up" and it's causing horrible cramps..tried fiber and Dulcalax hope it works...think it's the tane?
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    Week 15

    You should see if your derm will gve u a cortisone shot in those fuckers. I had a giant cyst on my cheek..shot that bitch up and it was gonzo in 2 days I can relate..
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    Uugghhh...day 42

    I've also been recommended to cut dairy and iodide containing foods (can get a list on google) but I don't hve the willpower for that yet....
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    Uugghhh...day 42

    Try adding zinc, fish oil, an probiotic supplaments to your diet..I'm on the zinc and probiotic I'll prob start the fish oil too though (recommended by acne clinic) what makeup do you use on your face?