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  1. I stopped using glycolic/salicylic pads, drying masks and benzoyl peroxide all together and just washing my face with a gentle cleanser (aveeno: ultra calming cleanser) for about a week now. Noticing a good improvement in my skin. If I work out or do any exercise in general I hop in the shower and just rinse off my face with warm water. I have very oily skin so when my face gets shiny I have been using mary kay oil absorbing sheets. I like these compared to the other ones on the market becau
  2. I started using glycolic acid 10% and following that up with Antioxidant with Vitamin C at night and have been showing nice results with my brown pigmentation and red pigmentation left from acne. I have been using this combination for about a week and I see a huge improvement in the darker pigmentation and slight improvement in the red areas but definate improvement. Anyone else try this? I would love to hear of results
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