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  1. Hi all, I have suffered from acne on and off since I was a young teen, and I am now nearly 25. Over the years I have tried a lot of products. In my teens benzoyl peroxide worked wonders, but as I've got older it wrinkles my face if it comes near it. I also have a patch of excema which I believe is from years of BP. I have also been on and off birth control since I was 16, most recently lucette which I believe is similar to Yasmin. I had a 6 month break from the pill and my skin was BEAUTIFUL
  2. Hey!! Hope you're getting on well!! I've had 6 months of pretty good skin...only the odd spot and have got very complacent with this. My skin has started breaking out again around my jaw (why is it always in a certain area?) so have gone back to the acnecide. The last 6 months I've just been using cetaphil cleanser and my skin has been good. I came off Yasmin 8 ish months ago but considering going back on it again!!
  3. Thanks for the help guys... it has healed considerably and is now a flat red/pink mark. I have had these before but not that have lasted this long..... has anyone experienced a similar mark?? I don't think it has scared as if you press it it goes white.
  4. Thankyou I will try that!! I do find it stings a bit when I put it on straight after cleansing!! I haven't had any new ones just the old ones drying up, and the odd mark...so will persevere my skin has been feeling really tight and itchy so definitely think I need the moisturiser
  5. Great that you've had a positive experience! I've just started using acnecide and cetaphil, as my skin started breaking out in red sore spots around my mouth, and I'm hoping this will settle it down. Had been using a concoction of Clarins stuff but trying to go back to the basics of just cleansing and treating, as I don't think I've outgrown acne just yet! Did you use the cetaphil moisturiser? I've purchased the lotion but haven't used it yet!!
  6. Hello! I am a 23 year old female, and have suffered from moderate, sporadic breakouts since my early teens. For the last year my skin has been pretty good, which I believe is due to a simple skincare routine (I just cleanse with cetaphil) and being on Yasmin contraceptive pill. However in the last month my skin has broken out, mainly on my upper lip, around mouth kind of area. I had recently changed to using Clarins products, in a bid to stop the early signs of aging!! This week I have gone
  7. It's gone down a lot!!! Just a scab now...too crusty to put makeup on though
  8. Thanks for the advice!!! Unfortunately I don't think this is something you can get quickly in the uk
  9. So I had a red lump on my chin, which I have unwisely squeezed to death. It is now sore, red and scabby...but non of the lump has gone. I have tried icing it but think that made it more red....
  10. I recommend using Benzyl peroxide....any strength really but maybe try 2.5 or 5 to start with. If you're in the UK you can buy acnecide from Boots. I find the key is consistency. if your skin gets dry use a moisturiser such as cetaphil...hope this helps!
  11. Its my sisters 21st in 3 days, and 2 days ago I got a big red spot between my eyebrows...yesterday I gave into temptation and squeezed it...to relatively good effect (a lot of 'gunk' came out)...but now I am left with a horrible red mess.....minus running to the hairdresser to get a fringe put in...any suggestions as to what to do...I've been putting 5% BP on it which had taken down some of the redness....and using my usual cetaphil cleanser...don't use anything else on my face as I have very se
  12. Hey, I have always had the odd spot... but in the last 2 months I have developed really nasty spots on my jaw line and around my mouth. They are red and really sore. I have visited my GP and she gave me isotrexin gel which I have been using for 4 weeks, and yasmin an oral contraceptive. My skin does not appear to have changed, and the gel just makes its really sore. I have also been using a glycolic cleanser. Was just wondering if other people have used isotrexin, and whether it worked for them?