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  1. thanks I have looked into aloms tevery holistic thing you can think of none of it has worked. I eat gluten free, no meat no dairy, and I eat very healthy proteins.
  2. I love md. formulations glycare acne gel. IT has bha, and aha but really mild and non-irritating
  3. I like tto al ot but I have to dilute it or it makes it worse. and the brand really does matter. I dont use bp bc it just dries out my skin and makes my acne worse. and the even worse one is salicyclic acid just makes my face red. IT is up to each individual what works for one may not work for another. JUst try them all and see which one you prefer. this is all just my opinion. personally I LIke willow bark (the unaltered version of salcycic acid) way better than most chemical based saliy
  4. so after trying pretty much everything from dans regiment to blue light machine by tria beauty, to every otc I could think of . I am trying something different. I Ordered mychelle teen acne kit and their clear skin serum. and I am goig to use majik pop up blemish gel. I hope it works. follow me to find out if it does work. bt w I am 25 years old and have cystic/moderate acne. I get a few big cysts every other day, and a lot of small pimples as well. it could be worse I Know but it is eough
  5. Anyone buy the tria beauty blue light devicr? It says if it causes weird redness it isnt for u to return it but my derma says its normal. I domt know whether to stop using it or what. I have mild to moderate acne. And I have tried everything from apple fasts to pills to every otc and natural remedy. This isan last chance effort.