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    I love to laugh and be with my family and friends. I'm 19 and finishing up my freshman year of college. My major is Political Science. The plan's to go to law school afterwards :) I love meeting new people, so feel free to comment and ask me any questions!

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  1. hi fellow accutane user would you say you were clear of acne at this stage? Just curious because I'm trying to estimate when I'll be clear!
  2. Acne freaking sucks, but you're not the only one dealing with it. Yes, everyone hates acne, but its how we deal with it that differs. If you feel like you've used up all your options I suggest going to your derm and asking for accutane. I've just finished my first month and I can tell theres improvement already. Do what's best for you, and I hope you realize that there are so much more worse things in life than acne.
  3. your welcome , I was on doxycycline pills too (i never felt like it worked for me either lol) and I also took the tretinoin cream (retin a I think it called), I feel like that kind of worked for me, but then my skin got use to it and it stopped sorta working. But stay on those antibiotics/creams b/c my doctor said it will lessen the severity of the Initial breakout with accutane!!! You'll be surprised the difference you'll see in you'll see in your face when you start accutane. Its a rollar c
  4. Who is considered a candidate for accutane? 1. someone who has severe, cystic acne 2. someone who has exhausted all their options and has tried many prescribed pills, topical creams, over-the counter products & their face has not responded to any of it! IF YOU FIT THE ABOVE CRITERIA YOU ARE A CANDIDATE FOR ACCUTANE DO NOT LOOSE HOPE!!!! I know you had a confusing and not understanding doctor, but I was in your position not too long ago. Back in Sept. 2011 a dermatologist told me I
  5. Hopefully you start in the beggining of June! But, if I were you i'd just keep using the products you've been on until you get accutane. There's no use trying to use different products, washes etc. when your'e going to start the medicine soon.
  6. mnaccutanegirl12

    Day 8!

    Hey Katiekins, I'm one person who finds your blogs helpful! lol As far as the accutane just remember you've only been on the medicine for a little over a week, there's no way everything can heal in a few days (as much as I wish!) and try not to let accutane get in your head too much, if you feel a little out of wack go out of the house or do something you enjoy, cause accutane can kind of take its toll on the mind if you let it....
  7. Your face looks AMAZINGGGG, like seriously! Your improvement in only 3 months really shows how great accutane is! I'm almost done with my first month, I hope my face looks nice by 3 months! Oh btw you're so brave for posting your pics up, thanks for doing that you helped keep me motivated and patient
  8. I was on retin a before I started accutane. I think it definetely helped fade my scars and hyperpigmentation in the beggining. But, once a couple of months passed and my body got used to it, it seemed to not really be 'working.' Not trying to discourage you or anything....
  9. hey If you have concerns with how accutane is working for you, I would talk to your dermatologist the next time you see him/her. That way both of you can decide whether you need to be on a higher or lower dosage or whether to even keep you on the medication longer. Just remember sometimes people don't see their skin drastically improve until the final weeks on accutane or until when they acutally get off accutane.
  10. If your derm put you on 60 mg, then why don't you just take what he gave you and finish your course by july? If what you want is to take more than the required 60 mg so that you can finish your course faster, I would not reccommend doing this. You could really mess up your body, and accutane is a serious medication, you don't want to play around with it! Hope this helps
  11. So, its day 25 on accutane/clarivis, almost a month yah! I'm on 20mg, 1 capusule a day. At this point I can definetely tell my skin is improving. Slowly but surely my acne is clearing up. I'm pretty sure i'm past the initial breakout stage, but you never know. I have my dermatology appointment soon and I'm thinking of asking him if he can increase my dosage. I feel like 20mg is a great starting point, but i've been reading of all these people on 40, 60 or even 80-100 mg and I'm just worried 20
  12. Hi, I'm on accutane too and its also my 13th day today! Haha that's funny, well I agree with you on the dry lips part, mine are the worst, I've heard drinking a lot of water helps with that, so I'm going to start that. Thanks for posting, I'll definetely be interested to see how your journey compares to mine!
  13. My goodness 5 rounds of accutane, that's insane! I hope Spiro works for you & good luck, but just out of curiosity what were your dosages on accutane and how long were you on each time (ie. 2 months, 6 months). Thanks I'm using accutane right now
  14. Hi, TheSqueeze, can I ask how long you were on accutane both times and your starting dosage? Just curious...
  15. oh no, haha I don't eat dinner at 9, I was in school the first two weeks of using accutane, so I would eat dinner at 7pm and accutane around 7:30ish. How did I get a hold of accutane: I basically scheduled a dermatologist appointment and when the nurse was asking me how long i've had acne, and what I have used in the past, I basically mentioned that I was sick of my acne and that I wanted something that would work for once. I told her I wasn't having any luck with antibiotics. Then, she calle